12/8 newspurge: i’m in with the out crowd

fukushima 45 tonne radioactive leak ‘reaches ocean’*

fukushima 45 tonne radioactive leak 'reaches ocean'‘fuel rod materials’ may have been released into ground*
irradiated baby food spotlights ongoing woes for japan’s food*
questions swirl around $6b new mexico nuclear lab*
epa says fracking may cause groundwater pollution*
fda decision on teens, ‘morning-after’ blocked*
climate conference close to deal on ‘green fund’*
2010 carbon dioxide output shows biggest jump ever*

US drug agents launder profits of mexican cartels*

holder says ‘fast & furious’ guns will be used in crimes for ‘years to come’*
rumor mill: eric holder to resign friday?*
flashback: rep. feinstein uses ‘fast & furious’ to make case for national gun registration*
10 ways the war on drugs is a wild success*
czechs decriminalize peyote, magic mushroom growing*

usps to make first-class delivery cuts; could affect netflix*

corzine simply doesn’t know where mf money is*
mom shoots self, kids after being denied welfare*

anti-vote fraud protests in russia over rigged polls*

saudi prince calls for kingdom to acquire wmd*
idf holds emergency drills in north, south*
war games spotlight pakistan/china friendship*
traffic accident wrecks a dozen luxury cars in japan*
video: iran shows off captured US drone, swears it’s no fake*

pearl harbor veterans observe 70th anniversary of attack*

wwii bombs defused after 45,000 evacuated in german city*
celebrating the titanic by going to see it*

virginia tech appeals fines for response to deadly shootings as obama administration presses colleges on crime reporting*

video: virginia tech faces sanctions over 2007 shooting response*
virginia tech: authorities hunt suspect after gunshots fired on campus*
shootings occur soon after hearing ends connected to 2007 massacre*
video: va tech shooter kills one, commits suicide*
5 killed in tour helicopter crash near lake mead, las vegas*
video: faa chief resigns after drunken driving arrest*

obama taking 17 day vacation as america falls apart*

update: obama vacation likely to be delayed*
video: prince of peace prize says “ask osama if i’m an appeaser”*
blagojevich gets 14yrs in prison*
campaigns bring ad war to tv*
video: cain suspends campaign in face of scandal*

oregon oddities:
new york dj jon toubin in critical condition after cab crashes into his room at jupiter hotel*

new york dj jon toubin in critical condition after cab crashes into his room at jupiter hotelgang shooting leaves 17yr-old wounded in se portland*
police look into gang shooting in ne portland*

police state updates:
govt asserts more power than hitler*

illegal border crossing arrests at lowest level in 40yrs*
suit filed after nm teen cuffed for burp in class*
scotus to hear case on arrest at cheney event*

could playing video games be a war crime?*

more military dogs show signs of combat stress*
good morning, afghanistan! military wants kandahar radio*

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    I hope the title "In with the out crowd" alludes to the song title by Jubilee! Looking forward to checking out todays show tomorrow.
    Ryan from Phoenix

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