2005 yu55 to hit moon?

2005 yu55 to hit moon? Is there predictive programming in place about Near Earth Objects and their threat? Is the programming effort meant to familiarize everyone with impending tragedy and doom? It’s only a question of “when” not “if” type of agenda? A rational mind wonders, at times, if the puppetmasters aren’t sometimes testing limits? A recent uploaded video title asks, November 9th: Asteroid YU55 to hit Moon?. The video is a trailer from a 2008 ABC mini-series “Impact”, where an asteroid hits the backside of the Moon. The large asteroid – miles in length – composed of dense matter from a dwarf star, alters the Moon’s mass and polarity to send it on a collision course with Earth! Is the suggestion meant to stretch our bounds of the possible? The suggestion logged in the back of a mind when the mind’s critical facility is off while passively viewing television?  Everyone should consider it. Now, Richard C Hoagland interviews on Revolution Radio on just this scenario of 2005 YU55 hitting the Moon. The present writer suggests a look beneath the surface of outlandish claims to reflect on how they change a person’s view of such threats. Would you be less surprised if such a event took place? The suspected answer is yes.

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