The 2012 Olympic Games Exposed

Truth777Exposed presents warning of possible nuclear attack on 2012 Olympic Games in London in two part video (part 1, below). Part 1 reveals Illuminati symbolism in a commercial with its goal of One World – New World Order. The 2010 Rockefeller Foundation report , Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development,” is clearly referred to as a source for beliefs. Spooks Code 9, a BBC TV series, is one source of predictive programming in mainstream media, because of its plot outline: “The series begins in 2012 (just after the 2012 Summer Olympics), when London and some of the south east has been evacuated in the wake of a nuclear attack during the opening ceremony of the Games,” according to Wikipedia. The video also predicts a biochemical attack on the London Underground. Video concludes saying Illuminati sacrifice at London Summer Olympics will be blamed on Iran – a false flag used as an excuse to start World War III.

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