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#MixlrMusic: January 14, 2016

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#MixlrMusic: January 14, 2016Media Monarchy DJ's live every weekday from 12-1pm PT on Today we played:

Dandy Warhols - "All I Have To Is Dream"
Gorillaz - "Stylo" (w/Mos Def, Bobby Womack & Tinie Tempah) (Labrinth SNES Remix)
Modest Mouse - "Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes" 2000
Clem Snide - "Ice Cube"
Hank III - "Dick In Dixie"
Johnny Cash - "Busted" (Live)
Those Darlins - "That Man"
MXPX - "What's Mine Is Yours"
Thomas Newman - "Brooks Was Here"
Sounds From The Ground - "The Lenox"
Brian Eno - "Another Green World"
Chromeo - "Play The Fool"
Hood Internet - "Burn It Again" (Sims x Win Win)
Kamasi Washington - "Claire de Lune"

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#MixlrMusic: January 14, 2016