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#MorningMonarchy: February 22, 2016

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#MorningMonarchy: February 22, 2016Bush out, Brexit on and China buys it all + this day in history w/the White Rose and our song of the day by Animal Collective on your Morning Monarchy for February 22, 2016.


Jeb Bush suspends his run for the Republican Nomination for President. See ya #LittleJebbie.

Soros Regrets Supporting Obama, Eagerly Awaits President Hillary

Where Does Big Oil Go Now? Jeb Bush Had More Oil Industry Donations than All his Rivals Combined

#Geopolitiks: Video - Cameron argues against #Brexit (Audio)

#Geopolitiks: Cameron Unleashes 'Project Fear' - UK Military Leaders Warn Against Brexit Threat To National Security

#Geopolitiks: Why Project Fear Is David Cameron's Ultimate Weapon in EU Struggle

#Geopolitiks: Burning down the house, #RefugeeCrisis edition

#Geopolitiks: Video - Fire rips through planned refugee center in Germany (Audio)

#Geopolitiks: China buying up American companies at record rate

#Geopolitiks: U.S. official doubts success of deal to freeze #oil output

#Geopolitiks: Are you a political extremist?

Video: #NavigatingNetflix - '#TheHungerGames' w/Eric Mueller from the @TragedyAndHope community

#ThisDayInHistory: #February22 w/Coolidge radio, MacArthur out, Scholls executed, Nixon China, Miracle on Ice, Dolly 🐑 + Guy Mitchell, Genesis P-Orridge, Bradley Nowell birthdays

#AlbumOfTheWeek: Animal Collective (@anmlcollective) - 'Painting With'

#SongsOfTheDay: Animal Collective - "Golden Gal"

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#MorningMonarchy: February 22, 2016