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#MorningMonarchy: March 23, 2016

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#MorningMonarchy: March 23, 2016Suing Monsanto, automated restaurants and defensive food + this day in history w/the Enabling Act and our song of the day by PJ Harvey on your Morning Monarchy for March 23, 2016.


#FoodWorldOrder: Senate Blocks Bill That Would Override State GMO Labeling Laws

#FoodWorldOrder: City of Portland to sue Monsanto for contaminating waterways (Audio)

#FoodWorldOrder: Endocrine Disruptors May Cost Billions in Health Effects

#FoodWorldOrder: @US_FDA now requires 'black box' warning on opioids

#FoodWorldOrder: Johnson & Johnson settling cases tied to hysterectomy device that can spread uterine cancer

Fuck you, I'm eating! 🍔 Carl’s Jr. CEO wants to try automated restaurant where customers ‘never see a person’

Video: Carl's Jr. in 'Idiocracy'

#FoodWorldOrder: France moves toward full ban on pesticides blamed for harming bees 🐝

In US, refugees cook to win over hearts, minds, and stomachs

#FoodWorldOrder: Americans "need to stop being defensive about their food culture"

#FoodWorldOrder: Chipotle using games, brains and off-site cooks to turn corner

#FoodWorldOrder: Standoff with man in downtown #Seattle tree continues for 2nd day 🌳 (Audio)

#FoodWorldOrder: @KrispyKreme shares plummet after forecast misses estimates

#FoodWorldOrder: 4-legged healers soothe hospital's stressed-out docs, nurses 🐶

#ThisDayInHistory: #March23 w/Patrick Henry, fist elevator, fascism, Enabling Act, Reagan's SDI, Mir breaks up + #Kurosawa, #WernherVonBraun, Philip Zimbardo, Ric Ocasek, Chaka Khan birthdays

Scaremongering 🍺🍺 PM: Brexit Could Batter Britain's Booze Trade

Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest dead at age of 45

I had 'The Low End Theory' on tape... #ripphife

"Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death!" (Audio)

#MediaMemes: Beauty Pill’s Chad Clark on PJ Harvey’s ‘Community Of Hope’

#SongsOfTheDay: PJ Harvey - "The Wheel" (Audio)

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