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#MorningMonarchy: April 15, 2016

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20160415_MorningMonarchyPro Bono work, Supergirl mind control and Snowden synths + this day in history w/Boston Bombing and our song of the day by Greyhounds on your Morning Monarchy for April 15, 2016.



That time when "progressive" political candidates debated at a military base and then one jets off to Vatican City to bash capitalism...

#MediaMemes: @PetShopBoys calls Swift the “Thatcher of pop music” ... but they meant it as a compliment!

@TheFreds: "Wow, that's a depressingly narrow view of pop music he manages to convey in a short amount of time..:("

#MediaMemes: Bono to US Senate - Deploy Amy Schumer to defeat ISIS

#MediaMemes: U2's Bono Tells U.S. Senate That Amy Schumer and Chris Rock Could Stop ISIS

#MediaMemes: Bono urges US Congress to think of aid to refugees as way to fight extremism instead of as charity 💸

#MediaMemes Video: Jaz Coleman dislikes Bono (Audio)

#MediaMemes: Michael Shannon: ‘Actors are just models nowadays. Going to the Oscars is like going to the prom’

#MediaMemes: Male and female nudity in the movies - the raw figures revealed 🎥

#MediaMemes / #Geopolitiks: #SouthKorea likely to receive economic boost from new TV war drama

#MediaMemes: #Supergirl Mind Control is the Answer to Global Warming (Audio)

#MediaMemes: TV shows are going way too far to attract viewers (Audio)

#MediaMemes/ #MediaMatriarchy: Erin Cressida Wilson is Hollywood's new go-to voice for female-driven movie thrillers

#MediaMemes: "The Kesha ruling is offensive, dismissive and utterly predictable"

#MediaMemes: Downton Abbey's Jessica Brown to star in #Morrissey biopic

#MediaMemes: Jean-Michel Jarre records with Edward Snowden – after the Guardian brings them together (Audio)

#MediaMemes: Jamie Hewlett posts new @GorillazBand studio clips

#MediaMemes: The new concert-industrial complex is music biz payback for what you did them the previous decade

#MediaMemes: Remembering Malian Photographer #MalickSidibé

#MediaMemes / #MediaMatriarchy: @Grimezsz to Headline @WizardWorld's First Comic Convention Concert Series

#MediaMemes: New album releases w/@PJHarveyUK, Ace Frehley, #JohnCarpenter, Keb' Mo, SamBeam/JescaHoop, Santana 🎶💿

#ThisDayInHistory: #April15 w/ GE formed, Rand McNally atlas, Bergen-Belsen, Jackie Robinson debuts, #BostonBombing + Sam McMurray, Linda Perry, Samantha Fox, Ed O'Brien, Patrick Carney birthdays

#SongsOfTheDay: Greyhounds - “Before BP (The War Is On For Your Mind)” (Audio)

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