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#MorningMonarchy: April 19, 2016

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20160419_MorningMonarchyFake web stories, sticker of the beast and paranoia-inducing apps + this day in history w/OKC Bombing and our song of the day by Amber Arcades on your Morning Monarchy for April 19, 2016.


#CyberSpaceWar: How newsroom pressure is letting fake stories on to the web

MSM Catches up on The Power of Internet Giants

FriendFace denies that it would ever try to influence the (s)election

#CyberSpaceWar Philippine electoral records breached in 'largest ever' Gov't hack

#CyberSpaceWar: Supreme Court Declines to Hear Google Books Case 📖

Cops Now Checking Bicycle Speed with Radar and Ticketing “Fast Bikers”

The CIA Is Investing in Firms That Mine Your Tweets and Instagram Photos

#CyberSpaceWar: Electronic tattoo turns skin into screen

#CyberSpaceWar: And now, the anti-adultery mattress app 📲


Jury Nullification For The Win - #GoodNewsNextWeek + More Weed & Turtles 🌴🐢

#ThisDayInHistory: #April19 w/MaeWest jailed, #BicycleDay, GraceKelly marries, #Manson sentenced, #TheSimpsons debut + Eliot Ness, Jayne Mansfield, Bernie Worrell, Bob Rock, Suge Knight birthdays

#SongsOfTheDay: Amber Arcades - "Right Now" (Audio)

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#MorningMonarchy: April 19, 2016