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#MorningMonarchy: July 8, 2016

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20160708_MorningMonarchyThe Dallas Purge, Hollywood insiders and 'Zero Days' + this day in history w/Francis Gary Powers and our song of the day by The Avalanches on your Morning Monarchy for July 8, 2016.


Former congressman promises ‘war,’ warns Obama to ‘watch out’ after Dallas shootings

Young Vets Drive 15-Year Surge in U.S. Veteran Suicide Rate, Including 85% Increase for Women

Police are Killing Native Americans at Higher Rate than Any Race, and Nobody is Talking About It

#TwilightLanguage: Wicked Deaths in Dallas - 7/7/16

Dallas Ambush Follows Pattern of Provocateured False Flags (Audio)

@WiedenKennedy converts website into #BlackLivesMatter message

Run The Jewels, Drake & More Speak Out On Latest US Shootings

Soros backed Sanders and the riots at Trumps engagements, and Soros backed Hillary. Someone is playing both sides.

All y'all once again unquestioningly believing everything the mainstream media vomits at you, perfectly played by dialectics.

Bernie Sanders Will Endorse Hillary Clinton Next Week

Nashville Notes: Brad Paisley More Than Halfway to Flood Relief Goal

‘Any Given Wednesday’: Joe Rogan’s Career Path, Conspiracy Theories, and LeBron’s Legacy

Hollywood Insiders Meet to Talk About Gun Violence Prevention, Influence of NRA

A UK intelligence source reportedly based information about Iraq chemical weapons on a Nicolas Cage movie

@ComplexMag sells out to @Verizon / @HearstCorp

Gretchen Carlson: Fox News Boss Roger Ailes Fired Me for Refusing Sex With Him

Australia's ABC suspends presenter over 'Wi-Fi is dangerous' claims

Do people want to watch others eat?

So much for disappearing as @Snapchat adds "Memories" to save snaps, stories

Tributes flood in for Iranian film-maker #AbbasKiarostami, giant of world cinema and Palmes d'Or winner

A new film gives a frightening look at how the US used cyberwarfare to destroy nukes

'Zero Days' Trailer (Audio)

Lip Sync Battle, Carpool Karaoke, and America's new wave of mind-numbing viral singing shows

Album sales are down 13.6 percent in so far in 2016, a record worst

Watch Steven Adler drum w/@gunsnroses for the first time in a quarter-century

New album releases w/@TheAvalanches, @TheJulieRuin, @BadBadNotGood, @OfficialHeart, @TTNGuk and more

#ThisDayInHistory: #July8 w/@WSJ, WAF, Francis Gary Powers, Chrysler wildcat strike, Atlantis launched + Eli Lilly, John D. Rockefeller, Hugo Boss, George W. Romney, Nelson Rockefeller birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: The Avalanches - "Colours" (w/Jonathan Donahue of Mercury Rev) (Audio)

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