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#MorningMonarchy: July 26, 2016

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#MorningMonarchy: July 26, 2016Foreign phones, blocking news and offensive ideas + this day in history w/National Security Act of 1947 and our song of the day by Blood Orange on your Morning Monarchy for July 26, 2016.


Elizabeth Warren’s big DNC speech last night was a vision of government unbounded by cost or consequences.

Journalist @AbbyMartin just arrested & abused while following the exact orders of police at #DNCinPHL

@SenSanders: "We produced...the most progressive platform in the history of the Democratic Party."

Surprise visit from Senator Bernie Sanders at the FL delegation breakfast

Facebook admits blocking WikiLeaks’ DNC email links, but won’t say why

FCC Puts U.S. Cell Phone Routing System in Hands of European Firm despite Security Warnings

Edward Snowden’s New Research Aims to Keep Smartphones from Betraying Their Owners

@Verizon said to be ready to announce $4.8 billion @Yahoo takeover

Drug Dealer's Lawyers Want To Know How Yahoo Is Recovering Communications It Previously Said Were Unrecoverable

11 Police Robots Patrolling Around the World

Google Hit With Record Number Of Requests For User Data In Second Half Of 2015

Court Orders News Site Blocked Following Article Piracy

A glimpse into all our online futures? China Bans Web News Reporting as Media Crackdown Widens

Chinese Scientists Plan First Human Test With Gene Editing Tool

Chinese Scientists Will Be First To Use CRISPR Gene Editing On Humans (Audio)

#NASA releases 56 patents to public domain, creates searchable portal 4 spinoffs

#KickassTorrents Community Resurrects, Without Torrents

KickAss Torrents Owner Arrested (Audio)

Illinois Puts Restrictions on Use of Cell Phone Trackers

Secret Cell Phone Trackers Used in IL (Audio)

McDonald's 'Make Burger History' site hijacked with offensive burger ideas

#GoodNewsNextWeek: There Was Never Marijuana In The Colorado Water + Stopping Sonar & Vindicating Farmers

#ThisDayInHistory: #July26 w/National Security Act of 1947, Suez Canal nationalized, Morris Worm, Shambo slaughtered + George Bernard Shaw, Carl Jung, Aldous Huxley, Stanley Kubrick, Mick Jagger birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Blood Orange - "Best to You" (Audio)

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#MorningMonarchy: July 26, 2016