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#MorningMonarchy: August 12, 2016

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#MorningMonarchy: August 12, 2016Media matters, summer blockbusted and musical personalities + this day in history w/"A Great Day in Harlem" and our song of the day by Lola Tried on your Morning Monarchy for August 12, 2016.


Clooney falsey stated that the "overwhelming" amount of money he was raising was not going to Clinton #DNCLeak

Here's #Chomsky saying he doesn't "see the significance of neocons backing Clinton..."

The @NYTimes just bought Fake Love, an agency focused on virtual and augmented reality

Hulu will stop offering TV shows for free

Time Warner is buying 10 percent of Hulu for $600 million, and will join Hulu’s new pay TV service

Gawker has good reason to be extra weird right now: The end is nigh

Pat Robertson Blames Devil For News Reporting (Audio)

CNN called out for (incorrect) onscreen ‘fact check’ of Trump’s claim Obama founded ISIS

"Just f****** get over it": Clint Eastwood on political correctness

Everyone's flippin' shit about @BretEastonEllis's anti-#SJW diatribe

US criminal actions has become "lighthearted entertainment": 'War Dogs' Trailer (Audio)

Clarification: #StrangerThings alluded to #WM3 and #Mena #murders – both Arkansas.

Summer Blockbuster BUST...

Rebooting the blockbuster, who ya gonna call? Aristotle, actually.

Enjoyment of trash films linked to high intelligence, study finds

"Music has the key to the pharmacy": Research Links Music Taste And Personality (Audio)

Singer to play for sports on tv

Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" Sued Over Similarities to Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On"

@slowdiveband have completed recording their first album in over 20 years

Jack White announces rarities collection, shares previously unreleased #WhiteStripes song

Watch the video for Belle and Sebastian's new #Olympics song

New album releases w/#OfMontreal @JEFFbrotherhood @TheeOhSees @Atmosphere @BlindPilot @HockeyDadBand

Download 448 Free Art Books from The Metropolitan Museum of Art

#ThisDayInHistory: #August12 w/"A Great Day in Harlem", IBM PC released, NAU's #NAFTA negotiations end + Helena #Blavatsky, @GeorgeSoros, @FHollande, @MichaelIanBlack birthdays

Behind 'A Great Day In Harlem'

#PumpUpThaVolume: Lola Tried - "Blue And Green" (Audio)

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#MorningMonarchy: August 12, 2016