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#MorningMonarchy: August 24, 2016

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#MorningMonarchy: August 24, 2016Ramen currency, McWearables and West Virginia weed + this day in history w/RFID implants and our song of the day by Of Montreal on your Morning Monarchy for August 24, 2016.


'We only heard their cats': quake sorrow of Italian village

Ramen noodles top prison currency as food quality down 🍜💰

Ramen – U.S. Prison's Most Precious Commodity? (Audio)

Alternative Currencies, From Coca Leaves to Mackerel 🍃🐟

McDonald’s New Happy Meal Toy Must Be Some Kind of Sick Joke

McDonald's launches wearable then pulls it after kid feels the burn

McDonald’s launches McNHS health service and wins bid to take over a major NHS Trust

Germany will urge residents to stockpile food and water in case of nation-wide attacks 🚀🍿

Coca-Cola pulls plug at India plant for pollution probe

Government Pulls Water Supply of Dakota Protestors Despite Sweltering Heat

Pipeline threatens Native American tribes only water source (Audio)

United Nations Admits to Accidentally Releasing Cholera in Haiti, Killing 10,000 People

Haiti: UN admits its role in "world's worst" cholera epidemic that killed thousands (Audio)

Cincinnati responds to 30 heroin overdoses in one day

Cincinnati sees massive spike in heroin overdoses Tuesday night (Audio)

Lead found at Cumberland County elementary school

Don't eat produce from #PeakPortland school gardens... y'know, because of all the lead in the water

Legislation has been introduced in #WestVirginia to legalize medical marijuana (Audio)

@DieAntwoord are to launch their own line of cannabis

Whose Lives Should Be Saved? To Help Shape Policy, Researchers in Maryland Ask the Public

#ThisDayInHistory: #August24 w/Gutenberg Bible, Panic of 1857, Gorbachev resigns, Hurricane Andrew, Windows 95 + Arthur Crudup, @Sen_JoeManchin, @JeanMichelJarre, @DaveChappelle, #KingKrule birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Of Montreal - "It’s Different For Girls" (Audio)

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#MorningMonarchy: August 24, 2016