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#PumpUpThaVolume: September 9, 2016

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20160909_pumpupthavolumeMedia Monarchy DJ's live every weekday from 12-1pm PT on Today we played:

Massive Attack - "The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game" (w/Tracey Torn)
Dams Of The West - "Death Wish"
J. Marco - "Stranger In The Night"
The Reverberations - "Lost In Time"
Mild High Club - "Homage"
FKL - "Elliott"
AWAS - "Flavorz"
R.E.M. - "Radio Song" (Demo Version)
Willie Nelson - "Don’t You Ever Get Tired Of Hurting Me?" (Ray Price Cover)
Immortal Technique - "Bin Laden" (Remix w/Chuck D & KRS-One)
Otis Redding - "You Don't Miss Your Water"
NOFX - "Please Play This Song On The Radio"
MXPX - "What's Mine Is Yours"
George Carlin - "The All-Suicide Channel"
INXS - "The Messenger"

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