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#PumpUpThaVolume: November 16, 2016 ♬

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#PumpUpThaVolume: November 16, 2016 ♬Media Monarchy DJ's live every weekday from 12-1pm PT on Today we played:

Eddie Condon & His Orchestra - "Home Cooking" (Vinyl)
Kate Tempest - "Don't Fall In"
The Gods Themselves - "Tech Boys"
The Rocketboys - "Stone"
The Frights - "All I Need"
Kings Of Leon - "Slow Night, So Long"
Miles Kane - "Rearrange"
Daft Punk - "TRON Legacy (End Titles)"
Animals On Wheels - "Build A Church With Your Fear"
Pet Shop Boys - "Domino Dancing"
Stone Roses - "She Bangs The Drum"
Hot Hot Heat - "Goodnight"
Doug Stanhope - "Nothing On The Radio"
Diana Krall - "When I Grow Too Old To Dream"

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#PumpUpThaVolume: November 16, 2016 ♬