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#MorningMonarchy: December 27, 2016

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Propaganda provisions, cracking tech and low ratings + this day in history w/Operation Cast Lead and our song of the day by Robots With Rayguns on your Morning Monarchy for December 27, 2016.


@Sony says sorry to @britneyspears #Fake death tweet hack

Using Holiday Distraction, Obama Signed NDAA ‘Propaganda’ Provision to Destroy Free Press

Alternative Media Should Prepare to Become Targets of Covert CyberWarfare

EU court rejects data retention law, throwing cold water on UK’s ‘Snooper’s Charter’

China restricts sharing of 'unofficial' videos on social media

U.S. government begins asking foreign travelers about social media

US gov't asking foreign travelers about social media use (Audio)

US State Police Have Spent Millions on Israeli Phone Cracking Tech

#Snapchat acquires Israeli startup #Cimagine for reported $30-40M

Google Employee Sues Company Over 'Internal Spying Program'

US Government Targets Pirate Bay and Other ‘Piracy Havens’

Silly Australia, you can't block The Pirate Bay (Audio)

In a first, new #MacBookPro not recommended by @ConsumerReports over shoddy battery, #TouchBar 💻

New MacBook Pros Get Low Rating (Audio)

Israel will brief Trump on intelligence it collected on Obama

33rd Annual Chaos Communication Congress just started today, and is streaming live

#ThisDayInHistory: #December27 w/#ManifestDestiny, #ShowBoat, #RadioCity, #IMF, #BenazirBhutto, Operation #CastLead + #LouisPasteur, #MarleneDietrich, #MickJones, #LennyKaye, #TerryBozzio birthdays

Flashback: Chomsky says it doesn’t matter if there’s a conspiracy behind 9/11 (Dec. 27, 2006)

Flashback: Prince Harry off to Iraq (Dec. 27, 2006)

Flashback: Former President Gerald Ford dies at 93 (Dec. 27, 2006)

Flashback: Military considers recruiting foreigners (Dec. 27, 2006)

Flashback: Senators nix pre-9/11 hijacker ID theory (Dec. 27, 2006)

#PumpUpThaVolume: Robots With Rayguns - "Need U Tonight" (INXS Cover w/Carl Gershon) (Audio)

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