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#MorningMonarchy: October 12, 2018

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#MorningMonarchy: October 12, 2018Celebrity politics, southwest studios and the legend of claymation + this day in history w/the arrest of Sid Vicious and our song of the day by NKOTB on your Morning Monarchy for October 12, 2018.


Fact Check: Did a Vice News Journalist Reveal ‘Some Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters Were Paid’?

Kanye West Visits President Trump, Goes on Lengthy Monologue In Oval Office

Kanye West was invited to lunch to discuss prison reform but turned what would ordinarily have been a staid White House photo-op into possibly one of the most unusual encounters in the Oval Office's storied history

#Kanye West visits the White House for a meeting with Trump (Audio)

Want to understand American politics? Tay and Ye can help explain.

Hello fellow humans, I am celebrity No. 2932, I believe in everything that is safe and popular with people aged 18-35. You may now praise me on the social media platform of your choice, remember to purchase my newly manufactured album.

Taylor Swift Endorses Dems, Performs Before A Giant Serpent, Wins Four AMAs // Hyper-Political AMAs Plunge 21% In The Ratings, Hit Record Low

'Truly a Historic Moment': Music Business Reacts to Music Modernization Act Becoming Law

Key Music Modernization Act Proponents Disinvited to White House Signing Ceremony

Lana Del Rey confronts Kanye West over support for Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live

Lana Del Rey savages West, Banks

Netflix is buying its first production studio complex

NM Governor and Albuquerque Mayor say this is a billion dollar investment that’s expected to generate a thousand jobs.

Flashback: Film industry officials hope new governor boosts business (Apr. 2018)

Netflix to open studio-production hub in New Mexico

#Netflix plans to invest $1B in #NewMexico productions (Audio)

Albuquerque’s Netflix production hub location gets mistaken for Mexico

Comcast outbids Fox with $40 billion winning offer for Sky

Saturday’s protests and unlawful disruptions were brought to us by the well-funded Soros network

Tom Cruise’s Son Being Groomed As Scientology ‘Golden Boy,’ Ex Member Claims

Pretty sure matt stone and trey parker are trolling people who actually want to #cancelthesimpsons with this ending.

The Cassette Comeback Isn’t What You Think It Is

A first look at The Velvet Underground Experience which opens in NYC this week

Concerts prematurely ending by fear: Chaos erupted during Lil Wayne's set at A3C tonight in downtown Atlanta. Fans went running when they thought they heard gunshots. Police tell us there is no evidence of a shooting but a dozen injuries were reported as fans ran away from the venue. (AUDIO)

#AmyWinehouse #hologram to go on #tour in 2019

Venezuelan Singer Gretchen Dies at 28

Scott Wilson, 'In Cold Blood' and 'Walking Dead' actor, dies

Oregon's #WillVinton, Oscar-Winning Legend of #Claymation, Dies at 70

Portland Claymation Icon #WillVinton Dies (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #October12 w/#SidVicious of the Sex Pistols was arrested for the murder of his girlfriend #NancySpungen in 1978 (Audio)

+ Sinatra's #ColumbusDay Riot, #Khrushchev pounds shoe at #UNGA, Japan's #Socialist Party leader assassinated on live TV, #JohnSebastian quits Lovin' Spoonful, #JesusChristSuperstar, #JohnDenver dies

Flashback: Nazi Hatemonger Bites The Dust // Jörg Haider ‘Was Double Speed Limit' // Update: Austrian Officials Fear Neo-Nazi ‘Pilgrimage' for Haider's Funeral // Update2: Nazi Symp Haider Had His Last Drink In Gay Bar // Update3: Austrian Politico Admits Affair With Right-Wing Haider // And In Other Nazi-News...2 Nazis Convicted In Plot To Kill Deputy (Oct. 12, 2008)

Flashback: Aldous Huxley’s Mind Control & Depopulation Interview w/Mike Wallace (Oct. 12, 2008)

+ #AleisterCrowley, #DickGregory, #LucianoPavarotti, #DustyRhodes, #ChrisWallace, #CarlosTheJackal, #JaneSibbery, #JeffKeith of @TESLAband, @ChrisBotti, #HughJackman, @KirkCameron birthdays

#NewMusicFriday: @TheRealKurtVile is real prolific, @MatthewDear lets the 'Bunny' loose and @TMorello brings the guest list + #ACertainRatio retrospective and new @ConnanMockasin, @JerryPaperREAL, #Barrie, #Thou & much more 🎼🎶💿

#PumpUpThaVolume: New Kids On The Block - "80s Baby" (w/Salt-N-Pepa, Tiffany, Debbie Gibson and Naughty by Nature) (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: October 12, 2018