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#MorningMonarchy: January 9, 2019

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#MorningMonarchy: January 9, 2019Grocery technology, when animals attack and composting the dead + this day in history w/Radio Bart and our song of the day by Meat Puppets on your Morning Monarchy for January 9, 2019.


New Grocery Technology Piloted by Kroger, Microsoft Shows the Store of the Future

Kroger is changing grocery shopping as we know it — and it's becoming a bigger threat to Amazon

#Kroger🛒, #Microsoft testing out new way to shop (Audio)

Walmart taps startup Udelv to test autonomous grocery deliveries in Arizona

It’s Starting: A Grocery Store in Indiana Can’t Process Food Stamp Payments Due to Govt. Shutdown

If Congress cannot do our job, we should not get paid. I'm donating the salary I receive during the government shutdown to food banks across #WV.

Los Angeles Rolls Out Early Warning Earthquake App

Wireless 'pacemaker for the brain' could offer new treatment for neurological disorders.

Researchers spoof biometric palm vein recognition system with inexpensive fake

After only a year in business, startup Luckin Coffee said Thursday it will open 2,500 stores this year to dislodge Starbucks and become China's largest coffee chain

Where are we on Cannibis edibles (and drinkables)?

Goodbye GMO, Hello Bioengineered: USDA publishes labeling rules

U.S. judge stands by ruling to limit evidence in Roundup cancer trials

A new systematic review finds some #cancer doctors may "alter treatment recommendations based on personal revenue considerations."

Another #bloodpressure #medication #recalled over trace amounts of #cancer-causing chemical

“Scary” reality: Meds tainted with germs, glass, carcinogens, mystery particles

75% of med students are on antidepressants or stimulants - or both

Bristol-Myers Squibb buying Celgene in $74B deal

Bristol-Myers Squibb to acquire Celgene for $74B (Audio)

Man trapped in BURGER KING bathroom sues to regain free meals for life

Idiotic story of the day... Stevie Nicks fans want her to work a shift at a McDonald's in Fleetwood: 'Serve me fries serve me...

Britain: Average 10-Year-Old Has Eaten 18 years’ Worth of Sugar

Monarch Butterfly Population Nosedives 86% in California Since Last Year

VIDEO: Highly venomous jellyfish have stung more than three thousand people on Australia's north-eastern shores in just a few days, forcing the closure of several beaches

The US Government Plans to Spend $788M on Boobytraps to Get Rid of Asian Carp

Discovered New Bat-Borne Virus Related To Ebola

There’s a Growing Population of Wild Monkeys With a Deadly Herpes Virus in Florida

Washington Could Become the First State to Compost the Dead

Composting human remains? Washington State University eyeing it (#September27, 2017) (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #January9 w/@Sting made a guest appearance on the series '#TheSimpsons' in the episode "Radio Bart" in 1992 (Audio)

+ #Daguerreotype, #Mississippi secedes, Nimrod Expedition to #SouthPole, #AswanDam starts, Music For @UNICEF Concert, #HillsideStrangler(s) sentenced, @GuruGangStarr robbed, #CharlieHebdo perps killed

Flashback: Econocrash: execs, tycoons, darker markets & the porn bailout // manufacturing falls to 28yr low // US 2008 job losses at 63yr high // wsj says the 'foundation of new world order is uncertainty' // bailout cost exceeds all american wars // german tycoon adolf merckle commits suicide // dc metro execs threaten service cuts then hike their own pay // porn industry seeks federal bailout (Jan. 9, 2009)

+ Nixon, #LeeVanCleef, #BartStarr, #BobDenver, @JoanCBaez, #ScottWalker, #JimmyPage, #DavidJohansen, #CrystalGayle, #EricErlandson, #Haddaway, #DaveMatthews, #JoeyLaurenAdams, #SeanPaul birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Meat Puppets - "Warranty" (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: January 9, 2019