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#MorningMonarchy: April 24, 2019

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#MorningMonarchy: April 24, 2019Water wars, scum doctors and injected caffeine + this day in history w/the Bishopsgate bombing and our song of the day by The Whitest Kids U' Know on your Morning Monarchy for April 24, 2019.


A German study found that electric cars give off more CO2 emissions than diesel

Scammers May Be Using DNA Testing to Defraud Medicare and Steal Identities

Vegan burger maker Beyond Meat plans to raise up to $183.8 million in IPO

For some millennials, climate change clock ticks louder than biological one

Before the Music Festival, Coachella Valley Promoted Itself With an Arabian Fantasy

Nestle’s Water Not What They Say (Audio)

Cancer-causing chemical taints water after California blaze

Third Roundup-Cancer Lawsuit Exposes Cozy Relationship Between the EPA and Monsanto

Attackers kill doctor at hospital in Congo's Ebola epicenter

US judge rejects parents’ challenge to NYC mandatory measles vaccine order

Medical Doctor of 50 Years: Current Measles Hysteria Not Based on Science but “Scientism,” a Quasi-religious Faith in Vaccines

Dozens of doctors in Appalachia charged in opioid fraud bust

Doctors Accused of Trading Opioid Prescriptions for Sex and Cash

‘Scum’ doctors trading #opioids for sex BUSTED (Audio)

Pentagon, DHS considering designating fentanyl a WMD, memo says

Starbucks needle-disposal boxes added to more locations

#Starbucks Installing Needle-Disposal Boxes In Some Bathrooms 💉☕️ (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #April24 w/An IRA bomb devastates the Bishopsgate area of London in 1993. (Audio)

+ @LibraryCongress est., #Woolworth Bldg open, #ArmenianGenocide start, #WinstonChurchill knighted, #OperationEagleClaw botched, '#FullMoonFever' out, #Hubble launch, #DavidBowie marries @The_Real_IMAN

Flashback: media/memes: public enemy, gi joe and ‘angels & demons’ // public enemy tells coachella crowd about 'obama deception' // 1 in 10 video gaming youths could be addicted // video: gi joe & nwo propaganda // catholic league claims ron howard is lying in 'angels & demons' (Apr. 24, 2009)

+ #WillemDeKooning, #RichardDonner, #ShirleyMacLaine, #SueGrafton, #RichardHolbrooke, #RichardMDaley, #BarbraStreisand, #TonyVisconti, @EricBogosian, #JackBlades, #PaulaYates, #BillyGould birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume/#FoodWorldOrder: Whitest Kids U' Know - "Old Folks Home" (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: April 24, 2019