#MorningMonarchy: April 26, 2019

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#MorningMonarchy: April 26, 2019Comical documents, colorization theater and plastic dance + this day in history w/the Gestapo and our song of the day by The Whitest Kids U’ Know on your Morning Monarchy for April 26, 2019.


Two brothers accused of Jussie Smollett attack are suing the ‘Empire’ star

#Osundairo brothers sue Jussie Smollett`s lawyers, claiming defamation (Audio)

Director #JohnSingleton in coma following “major stroke”

Robyn Crawford to detail her relationship with Whitney Houston in new memoir

Will it talk about how #CliveDavis left her corpse in the the tub while the #Grammys party went on unimpeded? Like a human sacrifice before the big ritual?

The estate managing US musician Prince’s music archives has announced that a new album featuring several of the artist’s unreleased recordings will be released on June 7

“It’s not cool”: ‘Game Of Thrones’ star Daniel Portman says he was groped by female fans

Blatant propaganda and the sexification of children will NOT be eliminated: Disney accused of ‘whitewashing’ its ‘troubling past’ for omitting racially insensitive classics

XUMO The Free Streaming Services Adds a 24/7 This Old House Channel

AT&T misses revenue estimates as pay-TV subscribers bleed away

On May 11, the Archive and @HollywoodPost43 present a free screening of Peter Jackson’s THEY SHALL NOT GROW OLD (2018) at the spectacularly renovated Legion Theater

Director Peter Jackson on his new WW1 documentary film

Netflix will still be able to compete at the Oscars next year

‘Saved By The Bell’ Cast Reunites Ahead Of Show’s 30th Anniversary

‘THE REVENGE OF ANALOG: Real Things and Why They Matter’ by David Sax

How the Atari 2600 Led Videogaming’s Home Invasion

5G mobile network to be tested at Glastonbury 2019

The lineup for Meow Wolf’s Taos Vortex, scheduled for Aug. 16-18, includes Flying Lotus, Nick Murphy (formerly known as Chet Faker), Lykke Li, CocoRosie, funk legend George Clinton, Tex-Mex rockers Calexico, indie singer-songwriter Iron & Wine, and more.

#AlbumAnalysis: Ten more cuts of elusive synthetic squat-pop, angular funk + fraudulent disco from self-propelled imprints + global co-ops. Combining rare + untravelled wax nuggets of night club punk, art school zeuhl + quasi-political pop united by soldering irons, C-60s + sarcastic synth tones

#AlbumAnalysis: Finders Keepers (@KeepersFinders) Readies Retro Space/Funk Nuggets Compilation Sequel, ‘Plastic Dance: Volume Two’

#AlbumAnalysis: Andrzej Korzynski – “Zombie House” (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #April26 w/The #Gestapo, the official secret police force of #Nazi Germany, is established in 1933. (Audio)

+ #LAigle meteor event, #polio #vaccine trials, #AprilRevolution, #Studio54 opens, #JoeStrummer disappears, #Chernobyl, #April26Editorial, @GeffenRecords sues @Beck, @SineadOconnorHQ ordained

Flashback: swine flu pandemic: the stand & the happening right at your door // OBAMA GREETED IN MEXICO BY MAN WHO DIED DAYS LATER OF FLU SYMPTOMS // video: swine flu vaccination propaganda from 1976 // april 14-15: fema’s interagency continuity influenza pandemic tabletop exercise // what do you call it when a 4wk civil contingency exercise, to prepare for a flu pandemic, has to be cancelled due to the outbreak of a flu pandemic? a ‘sheer coincidence’ // mar24, 1976: ford orders swine-flu shots for all // flight 3407 crash: the origin of swine flu revisited – 60 minutes, nov4, 1979 // time magazine preps americans for mandatory vaccinations // video: 1976 ‘swine flu’ public service announcements // video: swine flu martial law bill clears massachusetts senate // swine flu smoking gun? cdc was combining flu viruses in 2004 // press release from who director-general: pandemic alert level to 5 // ohio natl guard moving tamiflu into highly secure buildings // will northcom take over in swine flu outbreak? (Apr. 26, 2009)

Flashback: swine flu unleashed: never-before-seen viruses hit mexico (Apr. 26, 2009)

Flashback: econocrash: imf, cfr & protestors queue up for conflict // 100s queue for low wage retail sales jobs in dublin // regulators shut banks in georgia, michigan, california & idaho // corporate cfr members get most of the bailout money // protesters, police clash near imf meetings in dc // freddie mac suicide story updated, now there’s a gun involved // update: clinton-era lawyer, mark levy of bethesda, kills himself over job loss (Apr. 26, 2009)

#NewMusicFriday: @The_Cranberries say farewell, @KevinMorby says ‘Oh My God’ and @JoshRitter gets a little help from his friends @JasonIsbell & #The400Unit + goodness from @LambOfficial, @Nick_Murphy, @AldousHarding & more 🎼🎶 #April26 + KING GIZZARD, MOUTAIN GOATS, SUNN O))))))), Rodrigo y Gabriela, GBV, PRINCE”S RAVE UNTIL THE YEAR 2000, PORTLAND”S PURE BATHING CULTURE & REPTALIENS, GEORGE BENSON

+ #MaRainey, #RudolfHess, #DouglasSirk, #IMPei, #CarolBurnett, #DuaneEddy, #GiorgioMoroder, #GaryWright, #RogerTaylor, #ChrisMars, #JetLi, #PaulBlart, #MELANIATRUMP, #ChanningTatum, #JessicaLynch bdays

#PumpUpThaVolume/#MediaMemes: Whitest Kids U’ Know – “Hitler Rap” (aka “Triumph of the Ill”) (Audio)