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#MorningMonarchy: March 3, 2020

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#MorningMonarchy: March 3, 2020Replacing CEOs, galactic losses and the return of Flippy The Robot + this day in history w/the Suffrage March Riot and our song of the day by Wajatta on your Morning Monarchy for March 3, 2020.


Stupor Tuesday 2020 States: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, and Virginia

Twitter shares rise on reports activist investor takes stake, wants to replace CEO Dorsey

Activists Seek to Replace Twitter CEO Dorsey (Audio)

UN warns of rise of 'cybertorture' to bypass physical ban

Surfing attack' hacks Siri, Google with ultrasonic waves

Firefox flips on default DNS over HTTPS to encrypt Internet traffic at the source

Clearview AI’s Facial Recognition App Has Been Used By The @TheJusticeDept, @ICEgov, @Macys, @Walmart, And The @NBA + @BestBuy @DHSgov @MiamiPD @SMCSheriff @PhillyPolice @IndStatePolice @nyspolice @Kohls @WellsFargo @BankofAmerica

Controversial NSA Phone Surveillance Program Led To Exactly Zero Arrests

In first public results, Branson's Virgin Galactic posts $73 million quarterly loss

Virgin Galactic reports greater-than-expected loss as shares slide (Audio)

#BeAnAstronaut: NASA Seeks Applicants to Explore Moon, Mars

Earth has new, but temporary, natural moon


Astronomers detect biggest explosion in the history of the Universe

Astronomy student discovers 17 new planets, including Earth-sized world

Two ⁦@amazon⁩ employees have contracted the #coronavirus

In Coronavirus Fight, China Gives Citizens a Color Code, With Red Flags

Meet the burger-flipping robots that may take over fast food kitchens

Flippy the Burger Flipping Robot at CaliBurger Pasadena (Mar. 5, 2018) (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #March3 w/Thousands of women march in a suffrage parade in Washington, D.C. in 1913 and are beaten by drunks and/or cops. (Audio)

+ Great Slave Auction, HSBC Group opens, #ComstockLaw, #Carmen opera opens, Rockefeller retires to throw money at poor kids, CIA/TIME Mag's 1st issue, #MinnieTheMoocher, #MasterOfPuppets

Flashback: Internet Overtakes Print in US News Consumption (Mar. 2, 2020)

Flashback: Econocrash Updates - Fed, Failure, Welfare & the New Ghost Towns // Massive bank failures due, says oversight panel // Obama appoints CFR/Trilateral/Fed operative to debt panel created by another executive order // IMF chief pushes for more power, new global currency // Dodd proposes giving fed the task of consumer protection // Exposing the great american bubble barons // IBM layoffs blamed on offshoring // American reliance on govt at all-time high // Whistleblower: pursuit of Madoff was a 'death sentence' // Harry Markopolos: Don't trust your government // New ghost towns in West Virginia: industrial communities teeter on the edge // Rat-out a tax-cheat, collect a reward // Officials puzzle over millions leaving Afghanistan by plane for Dubai // New World Order is moving in // Nobel Prize-winning economist: Federal Reserve is corrupt & undermines democracy // Webster Tarpley - financial warfare exposed: Soros/Sachs hedge funds attack Greece to smash Euro (Mar. 2, 2020)

+ #CharlesPonzi, #JeanHarlow, #DocWatson, @PerryEllis, @RobynHitchcock, #GlenEFriedman, @RapperToneLoc, @DavidFaustino, @Camila_Cabello, @SnottieDrippen birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Wajatta (@Wajatta4Real) - "Tonight" (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: March 3, 2020