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#MorningMonarchy: March 10, 2020

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#MorningMonarchy: March 10, 2020Bitcoin power plants, overpriced games and holes on Mars + this day in history w/the death of Corey Haim and our song of the day by Four Tet on your Morning Monarchy for March 10, 2020.


New York Power Plant Mines $50,000 of Bitcoin a Day

New York Power Plant Mines $50,000 of Bitcoin a Day (Audio)

Twitter⁩ strikes investment deal with Elliott Management, Silver Lake after attempt to oust CEO Jack Dorsey

AMD CPUs for the past 9 years are vulnerable to data leak attacks

Senators Push Sneaky Anti-Privacy Bill

Google tracked his bike ride past a burglarized home. That made him a suspect.

@Corey_Feldman has just been told by his technology team the screening has been hacked: “we are seeing an attack”, to which Corey responded “this is crazy” (Audio)

Amazon's #Ring logs every doorbell press and app action

EXCLUSIVE: Live facial recognition is coming to U.S. police body cameras. Wolfcom, a company that makes technology for police, is pitching body cameras with live facial recognition to law enforcement groups across the U.S.

Through apps, not warrants, ‘Locate X’ allows federal law enforcement to track phones

Mom Creates Website With Map to Track #Coronavirus

China Uses #Coronavirus to Expand Mass #Surveillance of Its Citizens (Don’t think United States won’t do the same!)


One slide in a leaked presentation for US hospitals reveals that they're preparing for millions of hospitalizations as the outbreak unfolds

Coronavirus spamdemic from

Canada's first 5G network goes live in four cities

The Nintendo Playstation sold for $360,000 to the original owner of, Greg McLemore

Honeywell says it built the world's most powerful quantum computer

US Army scraps $1b. Iron Dome project, after Israel refuses to provide key codes

Airbnb⁩ Gives Renters Secret Risk Assessments And Personality Tests

Internal Air Force Emails Show Confusion And Concern Over Colorado's Mystery Drones

The #CIA Had Insect Drones in the 1970s … So What Do They Have Today?

Astronomers: Something Is Warping Our Entire Galaxy

SETI@home Search for Alien Life Project Shuts Down After 21 Years

Scientists: NASA Rover Has Found Evidence of Ancient Life on Mars

NASA: Hole On Mars Could Signal Martian Life (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #March10 w/Corey Haim, 80's heart throb actor, dies of a drug overdose at age 38 in 2010 - that’s why Feldman debuted his truth doc last night. (Audio)

+ #AmySpain interview, 1st telephone test, #Courrières mine disaster, #LongBeach quake, @USAirForce firebombs 100K women/children in Japan, #AxisSally convicted, #Batista coup in #Cuba, #AndyGibb dies

Flashback: Kucinich Forces House to Vote On Pullout From Afghanistan // Video: Ron Paul in support of Kucinich's resolution // 3/11 Updates: 356-65: House kills Kucinich bid to withdraw from Afghanistan // Kucinich forces debate on end to Afghan war // Video: Rep. Kennedy denounces mockingbird media over war (Mar. 10, 2010)

+ #BixBeiderbecke, #JamesEarlRay, #ChuckNorris, #PaulHaggis, #OsamaBinLaden, #SharonStone, #RickRubin, #NenehCherry, #JonHamm, #Timbaland, #CarrieUnderwood birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Four Tet (@FourTet) - "4T Recordings"

#MorningMonarchy: March 10, 2020