#MorningMonarchy: May 13, 2020

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#MorningMonarchy: May 13, 2020Scamdemic Stasi, criminal meat schemes and three more months + this day in history w/Operation: Psycho Pig Rampage and our song of the day by Joe Diffie on your Morning Monarchy for May 13, 2020.


Benjamin Netanyahu suggests microchipping kids, slammed by experts

Club Of Rome Calls For Green Reboot After Pandemic

#JohnsHopkins launches online course to train #army of #contacttracers to slow spread of #COVID19

Johns Hopkins Launches Online Contact-Tracing Training Course (Audio)

“We Need An Army Of Contact Tracers” – Meet The Enforcement Arm Of The “New Normal”

Mobile Phone Activity From Wuhan Lab Suggests ‘Possible Shutdown’ In October Due To ‘Hazardous Event’

Uber Is Trying to Buy Grubhub to Create a Food Delivery Goliath; The world of restaurant delivery options could soon get even smaller

Heavily Militarized SWAT Raids Innocent Family for Growing Tomatoes—Taxpayers Held Liable

Move over Vets — haven’t you heard, you’ve been replaced-Nurses are the new government PR campaign Heroes (the vets failed to make tictock videos so 👋) // ‘We’re All Freaking Out’: COVID-19 Death Toll Continues to Rise at State-Run Veterans Home

Superintendent Bragged About VA Review of Short-Staffed Soldiers Home. Two Months Later, 73 Veterans Are Dead.

Britain’s lockdown was futile, says Swedish epidemiologist

Dozens of local food banks spring up in Thailand as virus hits incomes

Birx Loses It and Tells the Truth: CDC Coronavirus Case Count Inflated by 25%

A 105-year-old New Mexico woman who beat back the 1918 flu that killed millions, including her mother and infant sister, is fighting COVID-19.

Most of coronaviruses circulating in Houston are strain reported to be more contagious

Nigeria: ⁦@BillGates⁩ offered House of Reps $10m bribe for speedy passage of compulsory #vaccine bill – CUPP alleges

FDA⁩ Now Says Our Dogs And Cats Should Practice Social Distancing, Too 🤨

Don’t Forget: #NoMowMay! Let’s give nature a lil breather! Besides, many of those “weeds” are actually pretty useful and beautful if you let them bloom 🙂

Vitamin D appears to play role in COVID-19 mortality rates

Thirsty Czechs toast return to beer gardens as lockdown eases

Hood Nachos with Louisiana Hot Sauce (Audio)

The Un-Heroic Reality of Being an ‘Essential’ Restaurant Worker

Tone deaf food ad of the week: Kraft Heinz, this time

@JohnKerry approves this message (sold ketchup empire to warren buffet, but still)

A Portland Barbecue Restaurant Was Vandalized and Defaced With “Veganarchy” Symbols

Jamie Powell: ‘Meat shortages present an opportunity for Beyond Meat and its competitors such as Impossible Foods to grab market share’

Impossible Foods CEO on how meat shortages are driving demand for plant-based products (Audio)

Ancient Bones Found in Bulgarian Cave Are Oldest Evidence of Modern Humans in Europe

A cascading failure of government: Quarantine the healthy, restrict personal freedom…and fail to isolate the vulnerable. Cuomo sent infected patients to nursing homes!

BREAKING: Los Angeles County’s stay-at-home orders will “with all certainty” be extended for the next three months, county Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said Tuesday

LA County Extends Lockdown for 3 More Months (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #May13 w/Police to Pillage, Terrify Community; ‘Operation Psycho Pig Rampage’ to Begin Tonight // Onion Radio News from #May13, 2010, has been memory-holed from their website…but saved in the MM archives! (Audio)

+ War on #Mexico, #Fátima ghosts, 1st FM #WDRC on air, #Nixon attacked in #Caracas, #Playtown fire, pigs destroy Philly over #MOVE, #Andijan uprising, #KermitGosnell guilty, #DorisDay died

Flashback: Pentagon Says Military Response to Cyber Attack ‘Possible’ // Prepping us for the coming of ‘Virtual Flag Terrorism’ (May 13, 2010)

Flashback: 5/13 Newspurge: One Dose Of Truth // 9/11 Updates: Hillary: Pakistan officials ‘harboring’ bin Laden // Some Pak officials know where Osama is // 9/11 families oppose Holder proposal to modify Miranda

Drugwar: Militarized swat drug raids on the rise // California cops prepare to waste more money ‘eradicating’ pot // Govt deals heroin, terrorizes for pot // Video: Pelosi says treating drugs cheaper than stopping drugs // Afghan farmers blame NATO for opium poppies fungus // Video: Columbia, Missouri police chief: ‘I hate the internet’

Media/Memes: New film ‘Machete’ evokes race war // ‘Machete’ script confirms race war plot // ‘Machete’ produced with taxpayer funds // ‘Human Centipede’: most disturbing movie ever made? // Japanese poster for ‘W.’ just as great as you hoped // Singer/actress Lena Horne dead at 92

Murder/Mayhem: Dozens hurt as Staten Island ferry lost power, hits pier // More Simpsons synchronicity: Boat crashes into pier on most recent episode ‘Moe Letter Blues’ // Long Island, NY teens nabbed in plot to bomb school, kill students & faculty // LPGA’s Erica Blasberg dies at 25; police launch investigation // LPGA golfer Erica Blasberg’s death puzzles her father // US landlord who used hidden cameras to spy on 34 female tenants gets 4-10 years in prison // 105 killed in plane crash at Libyan Tripoli airport // Copycat effect: New knife attack in China

Warwhores: Iraq violence set to delay US troop withdrawal // Obama scraps Iraq withdrawal // Video: hersh says ‘battlefield executions’ continue under Obama // Military expands Obama’s Gitmo in Afghanistan // US looks to long-term Afghan commitment // 2/3s of Senate ready to ban land mines; but not Obama // Obama to fund Israel’s missile system // Obama asks congress for $205m to upgrade Israeli missile defenses // HASC whacks Future Combat Systems leavings // Army continues war games with tactical operations // ’18 missiles,’ 14 dead in latest drone attack // Army surpasses 1m unmanned flight hours // Washington finally feeling drone war backlash // White House won’t address drone strike debate // Arrest of 13 CIA agents sought in Spain // Erik Prince says his enemies are al Qaeda, Taliban & ‘noisy leftists’ // Chemical concussions & secret LSD: Pentagon details cold war mind-control tests (May 13, 2010)

Flashback: Biowars/Envirohealth: Drills, Spills & Bellyaches // Preparedness gaps in training for oil spill: Terror drills preceded Gulf Oil disaster // Workers tell of explosions on night their oil rig exploded // Halliburton worked on rig 20hrs before explosion // Whistleblower: BP risks more massive catastrophes // Whistleblower claims bp was aware of cheating on blowout preventer tests // Rig workers made to sign statements after blast // No real solution to stop oil spill? // Video: A simple way to clean up the oil spill? // Obama still granting BP environmental study waivers // Video: Predictive programming? Gulf oil rig explosion in 2009 film ‘Knowing’ // Slick operator: The BP i’ve known too well // Obama aims to use Deepwater disaster to win votes for US climate bill // Flashback: Gulf Oil updates: The poison is still spilling // US senators to unveil climate bill // Cap-and-trade is back // Kerry/Lieberman rename cap-and-trade as ‘American Power’ // Eugenicist Bill Gates pays for ‘artificial’ clouds to beat greenhouse gases // Bill Gates chucks cash at climate cooling cloud creator // Earth may be too hot for humans by 2300: study // At least 58 killed in southern China storms // Magnitude-6.5 earthquake jolts Peru, 11 injured // 5 dead after killer tornadoes hit Oklahoma // Colorado man charged for anthrax hoaxes // C. Gatti, mystery disease in Pacific Northwest, linked to missing israeli scientist? // Israeli-american microbiologist, Joseph Moshe, linked to deadly fungus: Haaretz // 1/3rd of all plants & animals face extinction // Poison gas used on school children in Kabul // HIV-positive man charged with bioterrorism after fight with neighbor // Terminal cancer patients spend final days suffering from radiation therapy that does nothing // Beau Biden suffers apparent mild stroke; caused by depleted uranium? // Storage of newborns’ blood samples raises privacy concerns // Tainted nuke plant water reaches major NJ aquifer // Swiss artist catalogs mutant insects around nuke plants // Congress mulls clear protective shield to guard against attacks // USDA awards virtual world contract to SAIC // Guam guard to hold CBRN training exercises this week (May 13, 2010)

Flashback: Police States Updates: NYCCTV, ISIS & Psycho Pig Rampage // Video: Bloomberg wants ‘Big Brother Britain’ for NYC // NYC’s Bloomberg in London to view transit CCTV // Video: Inside NY’s CCTV HQ // NYPD developing CCTV system that will be better than London’s // Suspicious package in Times Square, 4 blocks closed off // Times Square reopens following evacuation over suspicious package // Video: Suspicious cooler had water, books; NYC looks ‘like hurt locker’ // White House denies reports of spy planes over NYC // Faisal Shahzad: portrait of a patsy // Holder: Pakistani Taliban behind Times Square bomber // Pakistani Taliban behind Times Square bomb plot, officials say // FBI executing Times Square car bomb search warrants // Holder vows administration will use all resources to pursue Times Square suspects // 3 in custody suspected of money ties to Times Square bombing

Homeland Security tests 360-degree video cam: ‘Imaging system for immersive surveillance’ – ISIS sees all // US military trains with Ecuadorians on mounted operations // Fighter jets training over Twin Cities // Fighter jets take to the skies Tuesday // NORAD to fly exercise missions over Minnesota // Video: St. Paul high school lockdown ends // Seattle standoff over; suspect was never home // Video: Storm troopers raid house, kill dog in front of kids over small bag of marijuana // Police: Bailiff shoots man during Detroit eviction // Video: Ohio cop shoots unarmed motorcycle rider in the back // 3 men questioned, released in WV Yeager airport ‘incident’ // Obama administration exploits Miranda loophole // US bill to link ‘terror’ to citizenship // Video: Law would empower Hillary to revoke citizenship of whoever she deems terrorists // Canada spies say tracking over 200 terror suspects // Rand PDF: How serious is the threat of terrorism in the US? // Video: CNN & the spread of homegrown terrorism // Video: Celente says 2010 will be summer of terror // Video: Fox asks ‘is liberal media helping terrorists?’ // Video: Los Angeles teacher calls for Mexican revolt in the US // The NYPD tapes: inside Bed-Stuy’s 81st precinct // Old-fashioned law enforcement stops terrorist plots as often as ‘extreme measures’ // 20 signs the US is rapidly becoming totalitarian police state // US university introduces electronic monitoring of student attendance // UK police staff ‘hired’ out to supermarkets & universities // Incendiary device explodes outside Florida mosque // US airport security officers targeted in ID theft // Video: Autistic boy accused of terroristic threats // Audio satire: Police plan to pillage & terrify community during ‘Operation: Psycho Pig Rampage’ (May 13, 2010)

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#PumpUpThaVolume: Joe Diffie (@JoeDiffieOnline) – “Third Rock From The Sun” (Audio)