#MorningMonarchy: June 9, 2020

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#MorningMonarchy: June 9, 2020Dolla dolla digital, covert surveillance and the cyber ‘rona war + this day in history w/gangland journalism and our song of the day by Right Said Fred on your Morning Monarchy for June 9, 2020.


US Treasury Issues Stimulus Debit Cards Because They Failed to Launch a Cryptocurrency

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin launches stimulus debit card (Audio)

Amazon reportedly preps June 22nd sale to counter the pandemic slump

“If the report is accurate,” indeed. Here’s @Engadget’s commercial for CIAmazon’s “sal” of the century!

Amazon⁩ in talks to buy $2 billion stake in Bharti Airtel

Huge fire devastates @Amazon warehouse & trucks in California

Google Sued for Secretly Amassing Vast Trove of User Data

Apple has just patched the recent iOS 13.5 jailbreak

Pulling apart a £339 anti-5G USB stick

The FBI told Florida election officials that Russian hackers had breached voter registration systems in 2 or more counties & that it cld NOT assess w/ certainty whether voter data had been altered. But this new @NYT piece FALSELY states…Amid Pandemic and Upheaval, New Cyberthreats to the Presidential Election

The DEA has been granted sweeping authority to “conduct covert surveillance” on people protesting over George Floyd’s death, a secret memo reveals

DEA Given Permission To Spy On Protestors

I do ask myself though…Would this (the CoronaVirus, the George Floyd protesting/riots/cops) be a good excuse to implement all of the AI, 5G, IoT, Blockchain, Robotics, Facial Recognition, Traceability and Tracking technology, Machine Learning, Decentralized Data Transfer etc.

IBM ends all facial recognition business as CEO calls out bias and inequality

Inside the little-known program at the center of the U.S. #coronavirus response (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #June9 w/Chicago Tribune news repeater, Jake Lingle, is killed in 1930 during rush hour at the Illinois Central train station by Leo Vincent Brothers, allegedly over a $100,000 gambling debt owed to Al Capone. (Audio)

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Flashback: US intel analyst arrested in Wikileaks video probe // BBC: Wikileaks site unfazed by arrest of US Army ‘source’ // Video: State Dept anxious about diplomatic secrets Bradley Manning allegedly downloaded // Wikileaks was launched with documents intercepted fromTor // Wikileaks & Julian Paul Assange in ‘The New Yorker’ // Wikileaks denies Tor hacker eavesdropping gave site its start // AT&T leak leaves US apple iPad owners at risk // Bill gives feds ’emergency’ powers to secure civilian nets // DHS would be cyber power center under Lieberman/Collins proposal // NSA chief: US carefully monitoring military computer networks for sabotage // Wireless signals to be jammed in Canada for G8 summit // Top US commander in Iraq raises internet concerns // New worries emerge about internet monitoring // Calls increase for govt to regulate net journalists & bloggers // Michigan considers law to register journalists // Lawyers claim Google wi-fi sniffing ‘is not an accident’ // Chinese net addicts stage mutiny at boot camp // CEO of firm that made $100m selling ‘scareware’ was a fugitive // 6 astronauts begin 520-day mock flight to Mars // Approaching space object ‘artificial, not asteroid’ says NASA // More active sun means nasty solar storms ahead // Ancient meteorite discovered in Oregon (Jun. 9, 2010)

Flashback: Cadmium-laced McDonald’s Happy Meal glasses recalled // Dirty, contaminated beef fed to children through school lunch programs // Reading labels: What’s in your mouth? // Waiter, there’s a potential carcinogen in my soup // Obama’s USDA to deceive Americans over GM crops // Federal register documents show further deregulation of GMO’s // Haitians suspicious of Monsanto seeds distributed by USAID // Food & depopulation: Rockefeller family (Jun. 9, 2010)

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#PumpUpThaVolume: Right Said Fred (@TheFreds) – “Good Times Everybody” (Audio)