Defcon 6/9: Wikileaked, Registered & Artificials

US intel analyst arrested in Wikileaks video probe*
US intel analyst arrested in Wikileaks video probeBBC: Wikileaks site unfazed by arrest of US Army ‘source’*
Video: State Dept anxious about diplomatic secrets Bradley Manning allegedly downloaded*
Wikileaks was launched with documents intercepted fromTor*
Wikileaks & Julian Paul Assange in ‘The New Yorker’*
Wikileaks denies Tor hacker eavesdropping gave site its start*
AT&T leak leaves US apple iPad owners at risk*
Bill gives feds ’emergency’ powers to secure civilian nets*
DHS would be cyber power center under Lieberman/Collins proposal*
NSA chief: US carefully monitoring military computer networks for sabotage*
Wireless signals to be jammed in Canada for G8 summit*
Top US commander in Iraq raises internet concerns*
New worries emerge about internet monitoring*
Calls increase for govt to regulate net journalists & bloggers*
Michigan considers law to register journalists*
Lawyers claim Google wi-fi sniffing ‘is not an accident’*
Chinese net addicts stage mutiny at boot camp*
CEO of firm that made $100m selling ‘scareware’ was a fugitive*
6 astronauts begin 520-day mock flight to Mars*
Approaching space object ‘artificial, not asteroid’ says NASA*
More active sun means nasty solar storms ahead*
Ancient meteorite discovered in Oregon*

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