#MorningMonarchy: July 1, 2020

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#MorningMonarchy: July 1, 2020The food locker, dirty water world and prognosis negative + this day in history w/Operation Phoenix and our song of the day by Mickey Lamantia on your Morning Monarchy for July 1, 2020.


I think you might want one of these, James // The Melon Mask!

Can I get a Bureau of Land Management on rye? Jersey Mike’s changes BLT to BLM

Local leaders pitch Spokane as home for U.S. Space Force

Two Million Restaurants Worldwide At Risk Of Collapse

Chef John Gorham Steps Down From Toro Bravo Restaurant Group, Checks Into Psychiatric Hospital Following Incendiary Facebook Posts

CPG (“Consumer Packaged Goods”) consumption surges as coronavirus restrictions ease

Vitamin chain GNC files for bankruptcy, may close 1,200 stores and sell itself

“Restaurant Of The Future” – ⁦@KFC⁩ Unveils Automated Store With Robots And Food Lockers

KFC opens first robot only fast food restaurant (Audio)

Can We Trust An ⁦@US_FDA⁩ Approved, #DARPA Funded, Under-the-Skin #Biosensor to Detect Signs of Illness?

Flawed COVID-19 antibody tests shipped without FDA review

Tens of thousands of coronavirus tests have been double-counted, officials admit

Philly says no to indoor dining, gyms as plans to go ‘green’ are scaled back

People aren’t afraid of covid anymore… Quick, get the swine flu! DEVELOPING: New Swine Flu Strain G4 EA H1N1 Discovered In China Has “Pandemic Potential”

Gotta wonder who volunteered them: First Vaccinations Begin in #Africa for #COVID-19 Trial

Tuskegee rings a bell: #Africa’s first #coronavirus #vaccine trial begins in South Africa

The Media Are Lying About the ‘#SecondWave’

US: Americans OVERESTIMATE risks, says study

Lockdown could leave people more vulnerable to dangerous viruses, Oxford epidemiologist warns

As New #Lockdowns Loom, How Did We Get Here Again So Quickly?

There is something quite poignant about millionaires playing football, while the supporters are replaced by signs like this.

Locust swarm blankets city in India (Audio)

#LOreal to remove words like ‘whitening’ from all skincare products

“As reported by HuffPost, over the past two weeks, Kentucky, South Dakota, and #WestVirginia WestVirginia all discreetly passed laws criminalizing protests against the fossil fuel industry.”

Spokane, Washington state settle with Monsanto for millions over PCB contamination

Monsanto hit with lawsuit over water contamination in Spokane (Aug. 6, 2015)

Florida bars can no longer serve alcohol for consumption on premises

@MarionNestle has the fever for the flavor of a Panderer: Marketing of sugary drinks to minorities

Chick-fil-A⁩ CEO Gets On His Knees, Shines Rapper’s Shoes, Says White Christians Must ‘Repent’ For ‘Shame’ of Racism

He removed labels that said “medical use prohibited,” then tried to sell thousands of masks to officials who distribute to hospitals

Texas Medical Center Deletes ICU Data Amid State’s Coronavirus Spike

Read it and literally weep: More children died after failing to get timely medical treatment during lockdown than lost their lives because of coronavirus, new research by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) suggests…

Texted my respiratory therapist/RN friend about the ‘rona: “Media is blowing this up.”

Mounting clues suggest the coronavirus might trigger diabetes

Third of coronavirus deaths in England’s hospitals linked to diabetes (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #July1 w/The United States Central Intelligence Agency’s Phoenix Program is officially established in 1968. (Audio)

+ Battle of #Gettysburg, @TheJusticeDept est., #RCMP attack strikers, 1st Sony #Walkman, #OCanada, #Animalize, #PG13 intro’ed, #WarsawPact dissolved, #OKComputer, #KobeBryant’s rape accuser goes to cops

Flashback: Biowars/Enviroheath: Evacuation, Geo-Engineering & Infections // Toxic beaches: Mouth blisters, sore throats, lung problems; Danger to city water; Gov approves decontamination centers // BP worker found dead of ‘natural causes’ // Jindal vetoes bill to open oil spill records // Hurricane season triggers planning to evacuate oil spill site // Category 5 alert: Katrina-trained FEMA planning forced evacuations // FEMA evacuation plans for Tampa Bay area in place? // Obama declares emergency in Texas // US house passes first legislation related to Gulf Oil spill // Toxic Katrina trailers now used for Gulf Oil spill workers // Attack of the vapours: how jet trails block out the sunshine // Extensive clean up work done on Plum Island // Czech military to help national guard establish ‘chemical warfare unit’ in Texas // Timothy C. Haney, potential new postal service boss, tied to anthrax scare worries workers // Democrats step back on carbon cap // Scientific expertise lacking among ‘doubters’ of climate change // UK lives destroyed by happy pills: experts say 1000s given dangerous drugs they don’t need // Airport body scanners deliver radiation dose 20x higher than first thought // Video: Missouri VA hospital may have infected 1,800 vets with HIV // Inside the psychopath’s brain: A neuroscientist uncovers a dark secret // What scientists think about religion // Hermiston, Oregon testing home energy use monitors // Oregon paint recycling program a national first (Jul. 1, 2010)

Flashback: Defcon 7/1: Fight the Net, Biomet & Int’l Sex Station // The secret state’s mad scheme to control the net // Comprehensive cyber legislation approved // Windows 8 features, like biometrics, revealed in leaked Microsoft documents // White hat uses foursquare privacy hole to capture 875k check-ins // Impediments to a post-scarcity future // Obama space plan under continuous assault // NASA commander says sex banned aboard International Space Station (Jul. 1, 2010)

Flashback: 7/1 Binge & Purge: Cereal Killers & Seed Burners // Kellogg’s recalls 28m boxes of cereal // McDonald’s threatened with lawsuit over toys in Happy Meals // UK supermarkets selling meat from animals fed GM crops // Haitian farmers to burn donated Monsanto seeds // West Virginia investigating Monsanto for consumer fraud // Agencies to hold meetings in Chicago & Portland on food safety progress // Salmonella contamination prompts cat food recall // ‘Chicken of the Sea’ recalled for bad seals // Raw milk consumers say “Don’t turn us into criminals”

Flashback: 7/1 Newspurge: Independent’s Day // 9/11 updates: Destruction of WTC voted most memorable news event // Cincinnati firm heads up 9/11 compensation // CIA says US has not had good intel on Osama in years // WTC steel salvaged after 9/11 to be part of Ludlow Memorial in Massachusetts // Independent investigation into Pentagon attack yields alarming information

Econocrash: Video: ‘financial reform’ bill a triumph of derivatives lobby // UN report says dollar should be replaced as Int’l standard (Download PDF) // Krugman: Why we could be entering ‘a 3rd depression’ // 7 potential economic effects of a war with Iran // Obamaville shanty towns spread across America

Geopolitiks: Video: FBI indicts ten as alleged Russian spies; Timing of case, nature of charges highly suspect // FBI arrests 10 accused of working as Russian spies // Who’s who in the Russian spy ring // Facebook page of sexy Russian ‘spy’ Anna Chapman // Video: Anna Chapman before ‘Russian spy’ charges // Update: 1 spy suspect released on bail, 2 held // New York Times reporter calls Zionist terrorism ‘romantic’ // Rights group probes US agencies on foreknowledge of Israeli flotilla raid // Italian pm: Israel ‘will probably react preemptively’ on Iran // Congress just declared preemptive war on Iran // Video: Target Tehran? USrael ‘prepares to attack’ // Background: CIA/Likud sinking of Jimmy Carter // G8 chiefs slam Iran & North Korea // N. Korea warns ‘accident’ during drill could start war // Billions in cash shipped out of Afghanistan // Kyrgyzstan votes on referendum for new constitution // Supreme Court rejects Vatican immunity in pedophilia cases; Oregon trial moves forward // Queen to make historic UN address and appeal for ‘world peace’ // Blair to receive US peace medal

Media/Memes: Lady Gaga’s upcoming tour to include human corpses // More on lady gaga from vigilant citizen // Dumbing down society, part 1: foods, beverages & meds // Blue Helmets turn to music as Darfur peace tool // New study documents media’s servitude to government // Video: Best Buy meets ‘Rise of FEMA’ & ‘Invisible Empire’

Murder/Mayhem: Widow claims David Carradine died because of insufficient coddling by film crew // Los Angeles money launderer with CIA seal on hideout: Mysterious ex-con draws comparison to Jason Bourne // Cops say siblings brawl over butter in mac & cheese // 21 dead in Mexican gang gun battle near US border

Obamessiah: Obama appoints more friends & donors to ambassadorships than Bush, Clinton & Reagan // Pulitzer prize-winning columnists call Obama a ‘female’ with a ‘humanoid’ problem // Obama Twitter hacker avoids jail // Video: obama birth certificate questioned during US house debate // Obama says being American is ‘not a matter of blood or birth’ // CR shills say frustration with obama goes beyond left & right // Biden’s ‘Smartass’ quip: VP jokes with Wisconsin ice cream store manager // Barely half of US governors born in state they represented // Kagan faces ‘tough’ questioning // Video: Elena Kagan – vampire or werewolf?

Oregon Oddities: Portland police re-opening Gore investigation // Police release tape from Gore accuser’s interview // Molly Hagerty: Al Gore a ‘pervert & sexual predator’ // Troutdale man gets Constitution Party nod for governor // Stepmom of missing Oregon boy barred from children // Armed woman surrenders after 6hr standoff on highway // Video: Citizen writes cop a ticket in Oregon – and it works! (Jul. 1, 2010)

Flashback: Police State Updates: Questioning Awakenings // Powers-that-be terrified of worldwide awakening? // Global political awakening & the NWO // SCOTUS says states must honor gun rights // Does US have domestic terrorist groups? // Will Washington DC be nuked on July 4th? // Video: Americans don’t know why we celebrate July 4th // What would life be like under martial law? // ‘Dozens’ of US citizens on assassination list, White House adviser hints // Oklahoma police taser bedridden 86yr-old woman // Atlanta parking lot attendants trained to fight terror // Spycams proposed for South Miami beach // FBI/DHS attempt to seize Colorado IndyMedia server & silence users // Jon Burge guilty: Jury convicts Chicago police torturer of lying under oath // 6yr-old Ohio girl put on no-fly list // Director of TSA: who is John Pistole? // 524 Nat’l Guard soldiers headed to Arizona/Mexico border // Future US-Canada joint arctic security & control // White House preparing biometric nat’l online ID card for all Americans // ACLU study highlights US surveillance society // Once America started waterboarding, major newspapers stopped calling it torture, says study // 50 random facts that make you wonder what in the world has happened to America // Video: Cops dressed as anarchists at G20 in Toronto? (Jul. 1, 2010)

Flashback: #NewWorldNextWeek #36: Banks ♥ Drugs, GM Salmon, Healthy ‘Disorder’ (Jul. 1, 2010)

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#PumpUpThaVolume: Mickey Lamantia (@Mickey_ml750) – “She’d Wanna Leave” (Audio)