#MorningMonarchy: November 2, 2020

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#MorningMonarchy: November 2, 2020Desperate measures, resigning women and shattered unions + this day in history w/the Balfour Declaration and our song of the day by MetalTrump w/Iron Biden on your #MorningMonarchy for November 2, 2020.


Politics continues to blur the lines of reality and pop-culture —— AOC to stream on Twitch and play ‘Among Is’ in an effort to encourage voting.

AOC Plays Among Us – Best Moments From The Stream (Audio)

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors lands Warner Bros. TV production deal

They’ve been portrayed by the president as violent left-wing radicals and used to scare suburban voters. But an @AP review found most of those arrested in U.S. protests look like regular citizens caught up in the moment — many are young suburban adults.

Thanks James, @mediamonarchy.com for the @AE911Truth mention and for safekeeping hard copies of periodicals such as the historically important @CovertActionMag. “Old news?” Never play their game. Remember.

@TEDx jumps on the #Qanon bashing bandwagon: TEDxMidAtlantic — Dismantling QAnon

State-enforced racial segregation — by progressives; Congratulations SJW’s, you’ve brought back ‘whites only’ classrooms 😂

Many Seattle protesters arrested are white, from other cities, analysis finds

FBI Bretzing (huge 🐇🕳) was implicated in #Oregon LaVoy Finicum murder📌 He “investigated” 9/11 $$$ 🔥📌 His FBI dad worked w/Schiffty 1984📌 Now @ Greenbrier (railroad) #Oregon which links to Nebraska/Buffet BNSF? 🧐

Glenn Greenwald, who helped publish Snowden revelations, RESIGNS from outlet he founded after they censor his Biden reporting

Glenn Greenwald on resigning from his own publication due to censorship (Audio)

CNN Claims Hunter Biden “Burisma Deal” Stinks; Story On ABC News Confronting Hunter Biden Resurfaces

#BREAKING At least 150 private military contractors have been transported to Europe on Pentagon-chartered flights over the last weeks, including from Benghazi, #Libya via #Malta to Sofia, #Bulgaria

Mystery surrounds former Marine’s imprisonment in Venezuela

New Zealand votes to legalize euthanasia but not #cannabis, preliminary referendum results show

New Zealand Announces ‘QUARANTINE CAMPS’ For Citizens

Following a summer of violence and looting that spread to areas previously considered as ‘safe’ causing residents to flee the city, Chicago Mayor Lightfoot wants to raise taxes-good luck with that.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot Halloween Costume

#CHOPSuey: Capitol Hill businesses sue #Seattle over handling of ‘#CHOP’ zone/ #CHAZ

Vocal minority: President Trump has his supporters in Indian Country

‘I could go to jail’: Project Veritas VIDEO alleges FRAUD by ‘ballot chaser’ in Texas who prompts woman to change vote to Democrat

@BillClinton was a member of NY electoral college in 2016 …AND HILLARY STILL LOST! 😂😂

#Pennsylvania Prepares Multi-Agency Task Force To Respond To #Election Unrest

Corporate America prepares for potential unrest after election

The same sort of folks who make fun of religion are having a giant, faith-based ritual on Tuesday.

2020 Presidential Election Interactive Map – “This isn’t a popularity contest™”

Shattered Union (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #November2 w/In 1917, the #BalfourDeclaration proclaims British support for “establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people,” but “nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities”. (Audio)

+ #AllSoulsDay, BBC TV starts, #SpruceGoose flies, #Truman wins, #QuizShow scsndal, #Diệm whacked, #KingSaud coup’ed, #NormanMorrison self-immolates, #Quadrophenia opens, #MorrisWorm, #XeroxMurders

Flashback: Alcohol More Harmful to Your Health Than Heroin, Crack (Nov. 2, 2010)

Flashback: Election Day 2010: Voting For a Restraining Order? // Related: Why I don’t trust the Tea Party // US Selection Updates/Post-Mortem, Part1: Obama seeks compromise after Democrats’ midterm losses // Alan Grayson remains defiant in defeat // Did Harry Reid steal Nevada? // Video: Rand Paul promises to challenge GOP establishment // Reports of voter intimidation, voter fraud scarce on election day // Civil liberties watchdog Feingold loses senate seat // 100 senators: 0 African-Americans, 0 Mexican-Americans, 2 Asian-Americans from Hawaii // Californians say ‘no’ to legal pot but ‘yes’ to pot taxes // Measure 74 turned down by Oregon voters // William Blum on Jon Stewart & the left // Manchin win in West Virginia helped keep senate in Dem control

US Selection Updates/Post-Mortem, Part2: You can’t complain if you did vote // Pre-Selection: 65% favored getting rid of entire Congress & starting over // Pot prohibition is the cornerstone of a police state // Christian conservative voters turn out big on election night // Evidence of an election stolen in California // Analysis: Bigger Twitter, Facebook flock boosts election odds // West Virginian a wild card for Democrats // Obama ordered to release names of clemency seekers // White House orders standard practices on unclassified info // US to spend $200m a day on Obama’s Mumbai visit // Taxpayers to pay nearly $1b for emperor’s visit to Mumbai (Nov. 2, 2010)

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#PumpUpThaVolume: MetalTrump ft. Iron Biden – Bodies (Drowning Pool) (Audio)