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#MorningMonarchy: February 11, 2021

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Covid in a coma, secret clearance and arresting cheerleaders + this day in history w/Whitney and our truth music of the day by Sean MacLeod on your #MorningMonarchy for February 11, 2021.


Indonesia bans forced religious attire in schools; The move comes after a Christian student was pressured to wear a Muslim headscarf in class.

Citing rise of ‘Christian nationalism,’ Secular Democrats unveil sweeping recommendations for Biden

Govt poisoned a significant numbers or unwitting south London tube train passengers with Anthrax in 1963 to see what it would do. Astonishing story. Good job that today's Govt. only has the people's best interests at heart. Right?

81-person French orgy broken up for violating COVID-19 curfew

Police issue nationwide alert after car containing COVID-19 vaccine vials stolen

If you’re starting an online class, check to make sure your professor is alive

Man Who Caught COVID Twice While in Coma Wakes Up With No Knowledge of Pandemic

UK teen wakes from 11-month coma with no knowledge of COVID-19 pandemic (Audio)

Abbotsford Police release Valentine’s cards addressing domestic violence

Data Suggests 40 Percent of Cops Abuse Family

2 FBI agents killed, 3 injured while serving warrant in Sunrise, FL

New Mexico State Police officer shot and killed on highway

In Rare Move, Cop Charged With Murder for Executing Innocent Man for Holding a Cellphone

Multiple injured after shooting at Minnesota health care clinic

Fort Hood ‘Trusted Traveler’ program suspended after early morning shooting incident

Pod people! German City Builds Solar Power Sleeping Pods to Keep Its Homeless Warm

Jewish Hackers Infiltrate Ku Klux Klan Website And Expose Members List

Cops fired over photos tied to Elijah McClain not reinstated

Police are only bad guys when president bad guy

Man charged in U.S. Capitol riot worked for FBI, had security clearance

Accused 'Oath Keeper' Denies All Charges, Claims To Be Former FBI Section Chief Who's Held Top Secret Clearance For Decades

Alleged Oath Keeper commander claims he had top secret clearance, worked for FBI (Audio)

After Escaping Jail the First Time, Former D.A.R.E. Cop Arrested AGAIN for Making Child Porn

More than 500 arrested in statewide human trafficking operation

FBI looking for victims of child pornography ring allegedly run by NY man

German nuns ‘rented’ orphaned boys to businessmen for ‘gang bangs & orgies’ – suppressed report seen by media

Dershowitz 'tried to free paedophile George Nader' to work on Israel-UAE deal

Facing money crunch, Epstein estate suspends offers to victims

Three Cast Members of Netflix Cheerleading Series Arrested for Sexual Misconduct with Minors

2 more linked to Netflix's 'Cheer' charged with sexual misconduct (Audio)

Flashback: Media Monarchy Episode204b (Feb. 11, 2011)

#NewWorldNextWeek: Time Games Conspiracy Theorists With Cave Wall Distractions

#PumpUpThaVolume/#TruthMusic: Sean MacLeod - "Don't Let Them Get You" (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: February 11, 2021