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#MorningMonarchy: May 3, 2021

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#MorningMonarchy: May 3, 2021Canadian fakin', Havana syndrome and ghost guns + this day in history w/"Banned in the U.S.A." and our song of the day by Dimitri's Records Of Vibrant Raptures on your #MorningMonarchy for May 3, 2021.


Leaked video shows commanding Pelosi doesn't want compliant Biden to speak (Audio)

Overheard in D.C.: "I guess I’m vaccinated so I don’t have to wear a mask outside but … I really don’t want people to think I’m a Republican."

This is what it was always about.

Gov. @GovMLG and @FLOTUS thanking vaccine recipients for getting vaccinated

If you’re having a rough day, here’s this video of Mitt Romney being boo’ed off the stage at Utah’s GOP convention to brighten it up

"Let's Kill Some Cops": Antifa Infiltrated By Undercover Trump Supporter

After a few days on the "JOB" new SEC director quits

Al Qaeda promises 'war on all fronts' against America

In this case let's consult a couple of the world's leading warmongers and ask them if we should continue one of the disastrous wars that they both helped start.

Gunfight at Syrian checkpoint leads to charges against sergeant first class

Secret Court Reveals: FBI Hunted for Domestic Terrorists Without a Warrant

US Homeland Security to investigate domestic extremism in its ranks

Canadian federal court rules Trudeau COVID hotels violate Charter

WhatsHerFace: Canada: Home of the CanUCKS

People who hold parties that lead to COVID-19 deaths could face manslaughter charges

Montana legislature passes bill to prohibit employers requiring a vaccination

Tennessee latest state to end mask mandates & Covid restrictions

Senate OK needed to send Florida vaccine passport ban to DeSantis’ desk

COVID lockdowns cost countless jobs, don’t appear to have saved lives: study (#May1, 2021)

Numbers show lockdowns didn’t help contain COVID-19 — opening up didn’t boost it (#September2, 2020)

Steve Deace on 'Faucian Bargain': Second Opinions About COVID-19

New census numbers shift political power south to Republican strongholds

A lucrative border-industrial complex keeps the US border in constant crisis

Scathing Human Rights Watch Report Says Israel Guilty of Apartheid

A Threshold Crossed: Israeli Authorities and the Crimes of Apartheid and Persecution

Iran's foreign minister says John Kerry told him about Israeli

Iran foreign minister reveals John Kerry kept in touch about Israel

Biden met with Mossad director in D.C. to discuss Iran

Blinken Warns African Countries Against Doing Business With China

Japan approves world’s largest free-trade deal as China calls

Cameron exploited lobbying loophole to discuss $1bn China

Biden Lied About Yemen

Did Jeremy Scahill’s Analysis Fumble the Ball in Its Indictment of Joe Biden as an “Empire Politician”?

AOC and Ed Markey Want a Civilian Climate Corps. Here's What It Could Look Like (spoiler: it looks like socialism, & getting paid to ensure the #Agenda2030 global enslavement of humanity and a technocratic urban hellscape of a future for us all)

U.S. investigating peculiar attacks with hallmarks of 'Havana syndrome' near White House

White House reviewing allegation of ‘energy attack’ in Washington, DC reportedly similar to past ‘Havana Syndrome’ cases

The Mystery of the Havana Syndrome

Tracking potential 'Havana Syndrome' attacks on U.S. soil (Audio)

Cashlessness may have gone foo far in Norway, government warns

Social media crackdown clears Florida Senate

Union's evidence in Amazon vote 'could be grounds for overturning

Appeals court says ‘ghost gun’ plans can be posted online

Does San Diego have a 'ghost guns' problem? (Audio)

1990 - 2 Live Crew released the single, "Banned in the U.S.A." (Audio) //

Flashback: Even Good Economic News Can’t Help the Greenback Now (May 3, 2011)

Flashback: Colorado May Join ‘Cottage Foods’ Movement (May 3, 2011)

Flashback: Isaac Asimov’s Foundation In MP3 Audio (May 3, 2011)

Flashback: Ground Zero: Death’s Head & the Osama Psyop (May 3, 2011)

#PumpUpThaVolume/#TruthMusic: Dimitri's Records Of Vibrant Raptures - "Freedom Wears No Mask" (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: May 3, 2021