3/10 Newspurge: Here Comes a Chopper (To Chop Off Your Head)

9/11 updates:
California ballot initiative: ‘Pentagon papers’ whistleblowers & 9/11 Commissioners themselves call for new investigation*
California ballot initiative: 'Pentagon papers' whistleblowers & 9/11 Commissioners themselves call for new investigationflight records tampering revealed, buried*
ex-fbi informant involved in shooting*
still in the dark about 9/11?*
video: nypd helicopter footage of 9/11 attack surfaces*

‘the wire’ producer says war on drugs is ‘war on underclass’*
pot growers use alligator to protect stash*
video: ca kids accidentally eat pot cookie*

broke town, USA*
eliminating $1 bills could save billions*
video: homeless children & the hard times generation*

will saudi ‘rage’ send oil into unprecedented territory?*
will the day of rage in saudi arabia on 3/11 send oil price's into unprecedented territory?speculators double down on oil*
‘day of rage’ friday, oil prices spike, witness says gunfire at protest*
attack on iraq pipeline halt oil exports*
US department of imperial expansion*
egypt: protesters raid on cairo state security hq*
secret fbi, cia documents & sex video tapes found at egypt’s terror police headquarters*
video: nato starts 24/7 surveillance of libyan airspace*
benghazi explosion: ‘tactical nuke’ use by gaddafi suspected*
un council postpones consideration of report praising libya’s human rights record*
mi6/sas working together to take control in libya*
US military in tripoli? it’s happened before (that’s why it’s in the song)*
anti-govt protesters in yemen may have been hit with nerve gas*
video: malta prime for libya action*
female mexican police chief applies for US asylum while in hiding*
video/transcript: australian pm, julia gillard addresses joint session of congress, says US must be at centre of new world order*

new photos of hitler’s wife stir the web;
eva braun photo album released by life magazine*

new photos of hitler's wife stir the web; eva braun photo album released by life magazinestar eyewitness who named queen of england in abduction of aboriginal children dies suddenly in vancouver hospital*
background: canada’s holocaust & mass graves of aboriginal children*

scotus deciding whether congress may copyright public domain works
another executive order: ‘establishment of the intellectual property enforcement advisory committees’*
un leader asked hollywood for help in fight against global climate change*
charlie sheen to join sean penn in haiti as part of aid trip following ’09 earthquake*
martin sheen in malta ‘taking a break from everything’*
david arquette: tiger’s blood runs through my veins*
‘blade runner’ returns! alcon entertainment locking up rights for prequels, sequels to 1982 movie*
mike starr, ex-alice in chains bassist, dies at 44*
tv’s next wave: tuning in to you*
meet the zero-energy transparent tv made of ‘future glass’*
video: “king’s speech” producer learns why you don’t give your best picture oscar to an infant*

pedophile epstein kept secret journal which listed underage victims, celebrities he ‘entertained’ in honeypot house*
death penalty abolished in illinois with new law*
after winning shot in team’s perfect season, teen basketball star drops dead*
florida prep track athlete dead after collapsing during training session*
colorado teen collapses during rugby match, dies*

oregon oddities:
‘get motivated’ w/ giuliani, powell, bush and… cosby?*
'get motivated' w/ giuliani, powell, bush and... cosby?esoteric portland, part1:
the empire never ended
salem store robber nearly loses his pants,
‘droopy drawers bandit’ still at large!
city council meeting on jttf canceled*
video: portland says no to the joint terrorism task force*

wv worry:
records show hospital over-radiated brain scan patients*
records show hospital over-radiated brain scan patientssurvey reveals nation’s happiest states*
op-ed: survey is wrong, west virginia is a happy state*
msha will not release crucial documents related to ubb explosion*
manchin calls out obama on budget cuts*
new state of the art mobile command center unveiled at capitol*
buckles’ family upset that veteran might not be honored at capitol*
linda scarberry, ‘first eyewitness’ of mothman, dies*

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