3/31 newspurge: are you ready?

9/11 update:
terror intel lacking 10yrs after 9/11, chairmen say*
bin laden sets alarm bells ringing*
city interrupts wake to take back corpse of 9/11 first responder*
video: new building 7 ad is here*

general electric paid no federal taxes in 2010*
general electric paid no federal taxes in 2010ge doesn’t pay taxes; why should you?*
groups call for ge’s immelt to resign from wh jobs council*
housing market: 13% of all US homes are vacant*
nightmare for residents trapped in spanish ghost towns*
virginia first state to sell naming rights to rest stops*
update: wal-mart says ‘serious’ inflation is coming*

new book claims gandhi left wife for male lover*

fbi asks for help to crack mystery code in ’99 murder case*
‘this is a conspiracy’: nixon library opens door some prefer closed*

‘source code’ is ‘strangers on a train’ with explosives*
'source code' is 'strangers on a train' with explosivesfarley granger, ‘strangers on a train’ star, dead at 85*
dave grohl still has ‘questions’ after cobain death*
george clooney named as berlusconi ‘defence witness’*
madonna’s african charity displaced villagers & wasted $3.8m*
charlie sheen & ‘apocalypse now’: a lasting obsession*
charlie sheen: trapped in a conspiracy movie?*
video: 14 life lessons from he-man*

mystery bullet hole found in plane in north carolina*
2 washington men charged with murder in filmed torture*
teenage friend of missing portland girl arrested*

police state int’l:
tank, swat & steven seagall make phoenix cockfighting arrest*
emergency plans in louisville raise eyebrows* dhs process of vetting foia request ‘bananas!’ says insider*
st. louis girl scouts banned from selling cookies on their own front lawn*
tasered 86yr-old wins oklahoma excessive force trial*

wv worry:
grab a brew while they face death:
‘coal’ on spike tv aims to attract male viewers

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