5/27 newspurge: wake up the nation

9/11 updates:
former cia officials admit to faking bin laden video*
former cia officials admit to faking bin laden videotop construction firm: wtc destroyed by controlled demolition*
gop: US can’t afford to fund health ‘entitlement program’ for 9/11 rescue workers*
study finds more male babies miscarried in 9/11 aftermath*

plummeting marijuana prices create a panic in california*
100s of ‘pot plants’ seized by texas cops are horse mint*
seized marijuana legalization petitions missing*
ig report: meth, porn use by drilling agency staff*

despite soaring natl debt, congress goes on spending spree*
despite soaring national debt, congress goes on spending spreeinsider trading is perfectly legal – but only for members of US congress*
US senate rubber-stamps dictatorship of big banks*
are we about to witness the greatest banking consolidation in US history?*
US banks post profit, but woes persist*
US drops criminal probe of aig executives*
lost angeles loses 45% of items purchased with taxpayer funds*
central bank intervention is now self-defeating*
euro momentarily stabilized;
german ban on naked credit default swaps is working
‘the market’ is a reactionary mystification: reply to attack on economic populism*
crime rate down for 3rd year in a row, despite recession*
rothschilds engineer fire sale of uk infrastructure to offshore corporations*
bilderberg 2010 agenda leaked*

afghans say US created & funds the taliban*
afghans believe US is funding taliban*
australia boots israeli diplomat over fake murder passports*
US begins massive military build up around iran, sending up to 4 new carrier groups*
uk mod blew up 119 live pigs in explosive tests*
gordon brown ‘first choice’ for top job at imf*

stalin blocked attempts to kill hitler: general*
vatican promises to open wartime archives*
new pyramid discovered in peru linked to ancient copper industry*

video: cbs propaganda placement:
conspiracy theorists are anti-american, domestic terrorists

hollywood box-office success can be predicted by frequency of tweets*
art linkletter, host of tv’s ‘people are funny,’ dies*
video: ray stevens ‘come to the USA’*

plane crash in india kills 158 people, 8 survive*
satanic russian cult teens ‘sacrificed’ victims then ate them*
upset wendy’s customer in florida chased down employee with stun gun*
when passengers spit, nyc bus drivers take months off*

congress moves to end ban on gays in military*
more US troops in afghanistan than iraq*
US preps for massive attack: battle for kandahar, heart of taliban country*
US troops more likely to suffer ptsd than uk troops*
new uk mod strategic report extends vision to 2040*
former military officials’ performance in administration questioned*
al-CIAda in the islamic maghreb: US trains mali army to fight al-qaeda*
more blank checks to the military industrial complex*
video: children taunted in iraq; US soldier under investigation*

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  1. [Redacted] Avatar

    Concerning the Weekend at Bernie bin Laden videos: Anyone not comatose knows they're fake due to the painful disease not covered by the Obama HealthScare Plan, rigor-mortis, as reported around the world in Dec 2001, but let me digress…

    A word about this one: this is, of course, a “limited hangout.” That is where an intelligence agency puts out (in this case through two “ex-CIA” semi-false flag fronts, channeled by – in all probability — a CIA asset within the Washingon Post) a small admission designed to mask much larger crimes.

    This particular limited hang-out is double LOL.

    To encounter the line that “the agency really didn’t have enough money and expertise to carry out the projects” is to involuntarily guffaw.

    Like, the CIA has to put on bake sales because its budget is so limited?! (Sorry, I’m guffawing again.)

    As an aside, I think I saw his tall well-groomed double at the CIA's favorite coffee shop in downtown McLean, getting pissed and jumping on his cell phone outside as he read the headline of that issue of the Rock Creek Free Press talking of the beast known as al CIAda.

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