7/30 newspurge: enviro, geo, history, memes, mayhem & police state

global warming is the new religion of 1st world urban elites*
india widens climate rift with west*
should we geoengineer the climate?*
former belgian mayor crusades against chemtrails*
video: history channel doc validates chemtrails & weatherwars*

iran wows to hit israel’s atomic sites if attacked*
ehud barak warns iran of possible israeli strike on nuclear facilities*
video: israel indicates a military strike on iran is possible*

oliver stone: jfk & the unspeakable*
russian navy declassifies cold war close encounters*
govt not even trying to prove ivins guilty for anthrax murders*
fresno-area lawyer not shy about taking on the cia*
the 1st cia assassination: cbs reporter george polk*
illuminati ‘vampires’, but who’s the real sucker?*
can you help support a new 5-part video series on the jfk assassination?*
the corporate roots of auschwitz*
family security matters praises nazi spy reinhard gehlen*
apollo 11 anniversary: “there could have been no man on the moon, russian or american, without nazi know-how”*
how stanley kubrick faked the apollo moon landings: or how i learned to stop worrying & love the lies*
vietnam vets again press veterans admin on agent orange*

matchbox & the ‘young warriors’: a creepy ad campaign*
matchbox & the 'young warriors': a creepy ad campaignaphrodite jones’s “michael jackson conspiracy” is a whitewash*
will john travolta renounce scientology?*
dan rather slams the corporate media*

8 killed when van driving wrong way sets off 3-car crash in ny*
iranian plane crashes on runway, 17 dead*
texas mother says devil made her stab & decapitate her baby*
faa probes pilot who strayed into jfk path*
cia code expert found dead on palm springs trail*

police state int’l:
report: bush mulled sending troops into buffalo*
dhs coordinates nle to prevent terrorist attacks with federal, state, local tribal, private sector & international partners*
cuba, US hold joint army drills*
north carolina terrorist ring broken up, seven arrested*
nyc to have cctv in subway by the end of the year*
obama stimulus buys $8m in airport spy cameras*
uk’s national id card unveiled*
uk snitches get £500 to spy on neighbours*
US military spy was in wash. antiwar groups, ran their email list*
video: pentagon caught subverting protest group*
video: napolitano reports to cfr on stasi snoop network*

microwave weapon will rain pain from the sky*
pentagon pain ray’s new target: killer geese*
casualties of war, part1: the hell of war comes home*
cia’s phoenix program flies again:
rand says bring back afghan assassinations
‘by his own rules: ambitions, successes & ultimate failures of donald rumsfeld ‘ by bradley graham*
US command considering private security on afghan front lines*
US military to stop releasing militant death tolls in afghanistan*
the washington post’s aversion to the word ‘torture’*
US military to set up in colombia*

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