9/11 hecklers take down bill maher… in real time

from brad blog: Bill Maher… had to throw out the first of the 9/11 hecklers himself. Things went downhill from there…

Members of the “9/11 Truth Movement” have been a bit angry with Maher since he suggested they needed to be medicated in a “New Rules” segment in September. That video is here.

Tonight, Maher got a bit angry in return as audience members repeatedly interrupted the panel discussion with Maher, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Rep. Shiela Jackson Lee (D-TX), and LA Times columnist Joel Stein.

After the last of the hecklers – who ground the show to a halt (of sorts), for a few minutes – is removed from the studio audience, Maher says that folks from the movement have been holding protests outside of his studio ever since his comments last month. Tonight, a few of ’em got tickets to the show.

While things got a bit rough, and Maher called for an “ass kicking,” nobody was tased, bro…at least to our knowledge.

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  1. Joey Avatar

    You know things are bad when protesters for 9-11 Truth start protesting comedians out of spite rather than the governments who cover up the facts. Somewhere, Dick Cheney is smiling.

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