9/11?’s: insider trading, phones, protests & willie!

will kucinich investigate 9/11 insider trading?
kucinich to investigate 9/11 insider tradingfrom jones report: Congressman Dennis Kucinich revealed that he is initiating an investigation into the insider trading that took place leading up to 9/11, particularly in regards to put options placed on American Airlines and United Airlines stock. Kucinich said that he had personal questions about the implications insider trading had. “I’ve indicated a long-standing interest in gathering information and trying to get to the bottom of exactly what happened with respect to all the stock activity that took place preceding 9/11.” Kucinich said.

did barbara olson call ted on 9/11?
from 9/11 blogger:

“…the FBI put out a report to the Moussouai trial in 2006 in which they contradicted virtually every thing that the public has believed, for example, that Barbara Olson made a call, they say no she didn’t…” – David Ray Griffin on the Charles Goyette show, February 20, 2008.

In case anybody was wondering why we don’t have Bill Douglas’ OpEdNews piece front and center at 911blogger, I just want to point out that what Griffin said wasn’t exactly breaking news, the essence of his claim was posted at Pilots for 9/11 Truth last June. Here is the pertinent information from the article by Rob Balsamo and David Ray Griffin:

did barbara olson call ted on 9/11?In the course of doing research for this article, we learned, to our amazement, that even if, contrary to our evidence, Flight 77 did have functioning onboard phones, the US government has now said, implicitly, that Ted Olson’s claim about receiving two calls from his wife that morning is untrue.

download complete david ray griffin interview on the charles goyette show, february 19 download complete david ray griffin interview on the charles goyette show, february 19 (12.2mb MP3)

will ailing 9/11 workers & families protest in dc?
from ny daily news: A convoy of heroes – Ground Zero first-responders and their families – will travel later this month to Capitol Hill to demand government not turn its back on them. Busloads of cancer victims and people crippled by breathing problems and horrific injuries will make the 250-mile trek to Washington to protest a planned slash in health care funding and to demand support from the next President.

willie, juan & 47 seconds of 9/11 skepticism!
from 9/11 blogger: Ya gotta start somewhere… thanks, Willie! This very brief segment from a much longer interview at Democracy Now!, February 21, 2008.

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