After The March Against Monsanto, Momentum Favors The People

from It is clear that we have just witnessed the largest single worldwide protest against a company and their products. What is also clear is the
major public disgust for anything bearing the words ‘GMO’. Monsanto’s
only refuge lies in massively funded mouthpieces in the form of news clips and certain public figures, combined with a legal stranglehold on scientific research
and medical inquiries. Yet in the age of information, their propaganda
is laughable.
Meanwhile the townspeople gather, having replaced their
torches and pitchforks with signs and banners. We see this time the
battle being fought from a place of higher consciousness. Our weapons of
choice are the devastating methods of non-compliance, civil
disobedience, and free enterprise. It appears while the smoke is still
clearing from what may be the final March Against Monsanto, momentum favors the people. 

Tipping points are historically difficult to pinpoint or predict. They
often manifest in the form of some event or consciousness action that
ignites the minds of the public in a “now I can see” moment. During that
exact second, and no sooner, a mass movement locks into a single idea
that once cemented in stone, will never die. We are at such a point.
The once obscured battle lines in the sand have now been illuminated
with neon signs, doused with gasoline, and set ablaze in our collective
DNA. Into the future we march knowing only one thing clearly,
genetically modified food will not be a part of it.

Years of brave activism and mobilized populations of unhappy mothers, disenfranchised farmers, and educated consumers have brought us to this point. Surging forward comes the real work with instant rewards. Led by the recent examples of Mike Adams’ Forensic Food Lab and the continuous work of the Food Babe’s army
going mainstream, it is clear that companies fear our voice and will
instantly comply to the people’s wishes. How do we keep the heat on
Monsanto? The company’s actions have shown us that their plan will move
forward at all costs. So it is up to us to take the reigns and destroy their market share by voting with our dollars. 

The Battle Plan

You money is your megaphone, your soapbox, and your most important vote. This is a fact cemented in the pages of history’s empty political promises and arrogant corporate attitudes.
We have always been taught throughout life that change would require a
struggle. Yet, regaining your right to be healthy, eat healthy, and
live absent from the constant assault of weaponized food is perhaps the most energizing ‘struggle’ you could engage in. Plus it’s a real community builder!

Know Your Farmer

Most independent farmers these days struggle to make a living unless the are subsidized by Monsanto,
Dow, et al. That is why supporting those farmers that choose to ‘go it
alone’ and use organic methods and non-GM seed is now vital. Learn who
those individuals/families are and support them. Now is the time. Evey
dollar in their pocket is one taken directly from the ‘GMO machine’.

Grow your own

This is the best option and truly gives a win-win. By growing your own you will know where your food is coming from, that it’s organic, non-gmo, and free. All are luxuries that are slipping through the hands of everyone on this planet. For the non-gardeners, gather neighbors and utilize the monocropping
technique. This is accomplished by having each participant grow one
crop. You can see in a neighborhood of ten participants there would be
greater variety and more yield than any one individual could do alone.
In addition, you only have to specialize in learning to grow and harvest
one type of plant.

Keep The Social Media Heat

We have won the hearts and minds of the people. While plowing through
this tipping point, it’s important to keep circulating information via
all social media platforms. When petitions become large enough, the
right people listen. Since our wishes have continually fallen upon the
deaf, unempathetic ears of Monsanto and the man who calls himself president, it’s time to start focusing on smaller targets. Individual companies and suppliers can be affected. Subway, Whole Foods, McDonald’s, Jell-O
etc. have all recently witnessed this first hand. Pressure put on them
via social media, petitions, and emails to remove GMO in large numbers
will serve to disrupt profit margins, take over board meetings, and
steer internal policy. In a beautiful twist of fate, those companies
then join our sounding board pointed at Monsanto et al. Do you think
Monsanto could ignore scores of large corporations terminating business
with it because they find themselves no longer profitable from a simple
social media campaign or collective movement to boycott GMO’s? Game

You can read more from Jefferey Jaxen at his site where this first appeared

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