america’s heartland is about to be gutted

the multinational corporate takeover of north america
america's heartland is about to be guttedfrom people’s voice: For more than 13 years North America’s SuperCorridor Coalition (NASCO) and its members have been working diligently towards creating a superhighway connecting Canada, the United States and Mexico. However, the leaders of these countries continue to deny that such a project even exists. There are three main reasons why our “elected” governments are denying the existence of this project. First and foremost, it is treason since it is in “total violation of the constitutional rights” of citizens for all three countries. Second, because it will lead to a new North American currency referred to as the ‘Amero’, which will be a Fiat currency controlled by a monopolized private central bank. And Third, because all discussion of such a union are being conducted behind closed doors, by private corporations and unelected bureaucrats, without consulting the citizens of the three countries.

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