another iranian ‘incident’: pilot says US officials on intruding nato jet

iran: intruding jet belonged to nato not US
another iranian 'incident': pilot says US officials on intruding nato jetfrom belfast telegraph: A jet that violated Iranian airspace and was forced to land at an airport in Iran belonged to NATO, Iranian TV has reported. Iran’s media claims the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Falcon jet, carrying military personnel from various nations including Hungary, was heading to NATO bases in Afghanistan. The plane reportedly took off from Turkey and then strayed into Iranian air space on September 30. Iranian fighter jets escorted the aircraft to Tehran’s Mehrabad airport and forced it to land, the report said.

iran says it forced down western plane
from ap: Iranian news reports claimed Tuesday that Iran forced down a Western aircraft that accidentally entered its airspace, then allowed the plane to continue to Afghanistan after questioning its passengers.

The state-owned Al-Alam, Iran’s official Arabic-language television station, quoted an unidentified senior Iranian military official as saying the plane belonged either to a British or Hungarian relief agency and had been traveling from Turkey to Afghanistan.

White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe said, “We’re looking into the various and conflicting reports coming from the Iranian `news’ agencies, but do not have any information at this time that would lead us to believe they are correct.”

The U.S. military’s Central Command said in a statement from its headquarters in Doha, Qatar that no American plane was involved in the incident, as some Iranian media initially reported.

pilot says US militaries on board falcon jet
from fars news agency: Pilot of a Falcon jet, which was later forced to land down in an Iranian airport last Tuesday, had announced in its first radio contact with Iranian authorities that he had US militaries aboard.

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