are fake brooklyn nazi’s really mossad provocateurs?

pipe-bomb ‘nazi’ charged in swastika spree
pipe-bomb 'nazi' charged in swastika spreefrom new york post: The Brooklyn ex-con arrested for stashing an arsenal of weapons in his posh apartment confessed to another crime yesterday – blanketing his neighborhood with swastikas last fall, police said.

Ivaylo Ivanov, who is Jewish, according to his lawyer, was charged with aggravated harassment and criminal mischief as hate crimes in a string of anti-Semitic incidents in Brooklyn Heights that date back to September…

Ivanov, 37, who lives on Remsen Street with former Columbia University professor and AIDS researcher Dr. Michael Clatts, was arrested Sunday after cops uncovered a bomb-making factory in their apartment.

bomb-making factory found in brooklyn apartment of columbia professor
bomb-making factory found in brooklyn apartment of columbia professorfrom new york daily news: Police stumbled upon a bomb-making factory Sunday in the home of a Columbia professor who specializes in the spread of infectious disease – and are investigating whether he and his roommate have terror ties.

Cops evacuated the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood around the Remsen St. home of Michael Clatts, a medical anthropologist, after finding seven pipe bombs fitted with fuses in his flat, police sources said.

The frightening cache was discovered almost by accident – Ivaylo Ivanov, the man living with Clatts, accidentally shot off the tip of his left index finger and sought police help in the street about 1:15 a.m…

Investigators with the NYPD-FBI were questioning Ivanov, a native of Bulgaria, to determine whether he had any terrorism or Russian Mafia connections, a source told the Daily News.

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  1. MOSSAD Khazar Kaganovich Avatar
    MOSSAD Khazar Kaganovich

    This RACISM makes my blood boil that this JEW TERRORIST is given SPECIAL TREATMENT. According to the terrorism law written by the criminal NEOCONS (Libby and his pardoner as well), this MOSSAD TERRORIST must be put with PADDILLA and he must be stripped naked and sent to GUANTANAMO and tried my MILITARY TRIBUNALS but he must be interrogated with no FRAUD and possibility of AIPAC coverup or shipment to ISRAEL.

    It is quite possible that this Mossad agent from the Jewish Khazar tribe planned to attack the Neturei Karta and harm other anti-zionist jews, please see,

    Its really a divine mercy that he was caught in this way by his own mistake.

    We will see, in the coming days, the zionist-neocon establishment trying to put a spin on this story. We already see that NY Times has hidden this story away from the front page on their website.

    It is amazing that the police had 20 detectives working on this graffiti case, but for normal serious issues, they dont devote any man power to investigations. And despite that they FAILED to catch him. This is the height of incompetence of these and the FBI (FAILED BUREAU of INCOMPETENTS) which has not produced the anthrax mailer or made a categorical statement based on the pattern of anthrax letters that it was a false flag operation by non-mozlems.

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