are solar flares affecting you?

are solar flares affecting you?

Are you anxious, depressed, lethargic or not sleeping well? It could be solar flares affecting you! Heather Carlin, medical intuitive trained in energy medicine, studies the effects of solar flares on human beings. Carlini takes notes on "Solar Flare Symptoms" and "How Recent Solar Flares Are Affecting Humans," as areas with a high spike of interest at the moment. The medical intuitive reports fielding emails with symptoms of agitation, migraines and head pressure. Carlini offers explanation for our present human dilemma at her website, CarliniInstitute.com:

"The Earth's vibration, known as Schumann Resonance is increasing. The planet is literally speeding up. Our hypothalamus and pituitary glands tune into this vibration, and within each of our cells there are receptors in the protein channels that pick up vibrations from outside. So we are intimately connected to this change in vibration and more and more people are becoming intuitively aware of it as well. It feels as if time is speeding up. We have the potential to increase our own vibration, to achieve higher states of awareness and consciousness, and in so doing we gain access to deeper levels of inner wisdom and knowing."

Carlini suggests solutions for ailments and promises a book shortly. The present writer is open to any alternative to our present toxic medical-industrial complex! A look into energy medicine is well worth your time!

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