bay of pigs ‘hero’ meets his maker

bay of pigs 'hero' meets his makerfrom miami herald: Grayston L. Lynch, a hero of the anti-Castro movement for his leadership in the Bay of Pigs invasion, where fired the first shot of the battle, died at 85 on Aug. 10… In his 1998 book, Decision for Disaster: Betrayal at the Bay of Pigs, Lynch detailed his role as CIA case officer in charge of the April 16, 1961, operation. He fired the first shot of the three-day assault – at a Jeep shining its headlights on Brigade 2506 frogmen landing at Playa Giron – then returned to his ship and shot down two Cuban fighter planes. Despite the invasion’s disastrous failure, Lynch continued to direct clandestine assaults on the island from Miami until 1967. His anger at the Kennedy administration’s decision to cancel air support never abated.

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