#BingeAndPurge: Celebrity, Security, Scandal and more

Video: Actor Rob Schneider on Vaccines, Corporate Greed*

Food industry reacts to Supreme Court decision*
Video: #Obamacare –
The ‘Cut, Burn, and Drug’ School of Medicine
GMO food labels are costly and unnecessary*
‘Unauthorized’ Stroll Past ‘Lax’ Security at CDC Bioterror Lab*
Video: Monsanto – So Many Scandals, Just One Company*
Taco Bell Choppers 10k Tacos to Bethel, Alaska After Hoax*
Horse Slaughter Sides Agree on Food Safety Problem*
SPAM, the Iconic Canned Meat, Celebrates 75th Birthday*
‘Fruiti Pops’ Popsicles Recalled for Undeclared Eggs*
#Audio #Satire: Highest Blender Setting Successfully Drowns Out Angry Jamba Juice Customer*

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