#BingeAndPurge: Soft-Kill, Kept Secret and More

19 Ways Cancer Becomes the Ultimate Soft-Kill Operation*
Squeeze 100% bacon paste from a tubeWe Spend $20 Billion a Year to Fight Illegal Drugs, Yet Cocaine Is Cheaper Than It Was 30yrs Ago*
Video: Obama’s 2nd term plan for ‘war on drugs’*
Special K for Depression Renews Hope in Hallucinogens*
Video: The Opium Origins of Skull & Bones*
Olympic guerrilla gardener recreates sporting events in miniature to fill street potholes*
Squeeze 100% bacon paste from a tube. Vilhelm Lillefläsk’s Squeez Bacon($8) is fully cooked 100% bacon*
Florida Officials Kept Secret Worst TB Outbreak in 20yrs as Leading TB Hospital Closed to Save Money*
Gunfire Blamed in Dozens of Wildfires*
Federal Government Allows more than 250 Nonorganic Substances to be Added to “Organic” Foods*
BBC Says Poverty = Risk-Taking In UK:
People ‘taking more food risks’
Video: Aspartame links to birth defects and autism*
Video: Fluoridated water*
Video: Antibiotics in chicken causing new infections*
Video: Wave of Pharmaceutical Company Frauds*
Video: War on Health: FDAs Cult of Tyranny (Trailer)*
Video: Food Rules*
#Audio‬ ‪#Satire‬: Roommate Eats Emergency Preparedness Kit*

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