Biowars/Envirohealth: Spill, Cigs & Eugenics

10 stories in the news that the BP oil spill is overshadowing*
10 stories in the news that the BP oil spill is overshadowingAs oil spews, BP chief at UK yacht race*
Wayne Madsen: Obama admin knew about Deepwater Horizon 35k ft well bore, green-lighted & fast-tracked project*
More oil gushing after problem with cap*
Oily insider & CFR member predicts Gulf evacuation*
CDC finds higher levels of cancer-causing chemicals from US brand cigarettes*
Time to limit nicotine levels in cigs?*
Video: NY cig tax will mean $10 packs*
Doctors’ role in drug studies criticized*
Is your DNA dangerous to your health?*
Mendoza legislation ab2072 nudges California back to eugenics*
Indian children blinded, crippled by fluoride in water*
Why fun is a serious issue*

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