biowars/envirohealth: pandemics, psa’s & pacific garbage patch

biowars/swine flu updates:
are we morally ready for another great pandemic?*
are we morally ready for another great pandemic?spanish flu epidemic hit portland hard*
1918 flu caused by vaccines*
how can you survive swine flu without getting a flu shot?*
massachusetts senate passes draconian flu pandemic bill*
florida & iowa quarantine documents posted*
cdc h1n1 forced quarantine docs leak*
maine gov baldacci proclaims civil emergency due to h1n1*
french govt plans mass swine flu vaccination program*
video: homeland security & sesame street psa*
troops to receive h1n1 flu vaccinations*
swine flu to hit 50% of us?*
obama: h1n1 vaccine ‘strongly recommended’*
pregnant women express fears over swine flu vaccine*
cdc warns neurologists to watch for nerve disease after shots*
h1n1 unlikely to mutate into ‘superbug’: US study*
why won’t healthcare workers take the swine flu vaccine?*
swine flu won’t be as dangerous as we thought, uk official says*
pfizer agrees record fraud fine*

intl paper treads monsanto’s path to ‘frankenforests’*
intl paper treads monsanto's path to 'frankenforests'more geo-engineering: can man-made ‘volcanoes’ slow down climate change?*
‘pacific garbage patch’ expedition finds plastic, plastic everywhere*
lack of mercury reporting is fishy*
health insurance up by double digits in oregon*
study: hanford construction workers were at risk of certain cancers*
do tv medical shows provoke higher health costs?*
fda test says animal was in man’s soda can*

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