bush says US is a ‘nation of prayer’

bush says US is a 'nation of prayer'from upi: U.S. President George Bush extolled the value of prayer Thursday at the 55th National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, and said he appreciates prayer messages.

“In my travels, I often see hand-printed signs and personal messages from citizens that carry words of prayer,” Bush said at the Hilton Washington Hotel. “The greatest gift a citizen of this country can give those of us entrusted with political office is to pray for us.”

He said the United States is “an amazing country … when people from all walks of life gather to recognize our dependence on an Almighty God, and to ask him for blessings in our life.”

The breakfast was attended by members of Congress, along with some Cabinet members, whom Bush teased after the meal.

“Don’t linger – you’ve got a job to do,” he said.

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