CFR claims ​’Space terrorism, floating debris pose threats to US’

from The United States is increasingly vulnerable to “space terrorism”,
according to a new report, as it is more reliant on its satellites and
other installations in space to conduct national security operations.

Because the US depends so much on its holdings in space for a
variety of operations, and as it is the “primary guarantor of
space access,” it has more at stake in protecting its
satellites from an attack or damage from another country’s
debris, according to a report from the Council on Foreign Relations

“Threats to U.S. satellites would reduce the country’s
ability to attack suspected terrorists with precision-guided
munitions and conduct imagery analysis of nuclear weapons
programs, and could interrupt non-cash economic activity
depending on the severity of the attack and number of satellites
wrote Micah Zenko, the Douglas Dillon Fellow at
the CFR’s Center for Preventive Action and the report’s author. 

The report identifies China, North Korea, and Iran – all working
to further their military space presence – as the top suspects
for targeting US space capabilities. 

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