Change of Heart: The Legacy of Darth Cheney

You’ve got to love James Corbett with The Eye Opener (and Jaw Dropper?) report on someone many believe served central role in America’s present decline!  Corbett cannot be surpassed as the man strikes superlative notes in his rant! The script of this three minute preview follows:

“Until last Saturday, those who called former Vice President Dick Cheney “heartless” would have been more or less technically correct. Since 2010, the now 71 year old with a history of heart troubles has been using a HeartMate II, a left ventricle assist device that helped his heart to pump blood to his organs. Unlike other technologies that seek to emulate the beating of the heart, the HeartMate uses a pump to create a continuous flow of blood through the circulatory system, meaning that patients, including Dick Cheney, have no pulse while using the device.

For someone who has long been likened to Darth Vader for his increasingly improbable medical longevity and his penchant for projecting an aura of evil and unconcern, the talking heads on both the left and right of the controlled political paradigm seem to have gone out of their way to avoid raising any of the issues surrounding the former Vice President or his time in office in their coverage of the incident.

This is our EyeOpener Report by James Corbett, Presenting Dick Cheney as one of the world’s most reviled unindicted war criminals, a man who has consistently demonstrated a contempt for the electorate who put him into office, who has helped to engineer the current Department of Fatherland Security paradigm, who has paved the way for the rise of Blackwater and the privatization of the military, who has spearheaded the use of torture techniques as an acceptable practice by US forces, and who led the US into two separate illegal wars of aggression based on lies.”

The Eye Opener report is a presentation on Sibel Edmonds’ Boiling Frogs website. The present writer would only take issue with calling what Cheney did to this country: “public service”.  Further, the thought of Cheney existing without a pulse seems somehow appropriate!  You can rest assured, a new heart would better benefit someone younger more than the septuagenarian Cheney, but instead, money and power supplied him with it!

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