china: shocking child slavery situation

from cryptogon: Mostly shocking because this is where the U.S. is headed. This kind of thing, and much worse, is standard operating procedure in China.

The factory operators must have fallen behind in bribe payments to the local party bosses. Not to worry. The diabolical Chinese regime can be seen as rescuing the children from hell.

china: shocking child slavery situationfrom telegraph: Up to a thousand children were sold into a brutal life of slave work in a labour “prison” in China, police have revealed as the shocking racket was exposed today.

The victims endured maiming and brutality in primitive brick kilns, Chinese media have reported amid an expanding scandal about official neglect.

The owners ran the prison-like kilns with fierce dogs and thugs who beat the children at will, state television said. One accidentally killed a child with a shovel and buried the body at night, it said.

An army of 35,000 police in central China had so far rescued 217 people, including 29 children, the official China Daily reported today.

But state television said many more may be trapped, making bricks for little or no pay in brutal conditions in Shanxi and Henan provinces.

As many as 120 suspects had been detained.

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