CNN Broadcasts Major ‘Cyber Shockwave’ Propaganda

CNN Broadcasts Major 'Cyber Shockwave' Propagandafrom kurt nimmo: CNN rolled out a slick propaganda presentation this evening [feb20]. It is called “Cyber Shockwave” and it posits a cyber attack on the United StatesHow should the government deal with the threat? Federalize the National Guard to deal with unruly mobs freaking out over the loss of electricity. Nationalize utility companies so the NSA and the government get electricity. The participants also recommended new powers be granted to the president. Not surprisingly, they declared the president has the authority to take unprecedented action against the states and the private sector under the Constitution. CNN and the participants agreed the slick propaganda presentation is aimed at the American people.

video: cnn’s cyber attack war game ‘we were warned’

flashbacks: miltech insiders stage ‘cyber shockwave’ &
former US officials in cyberattack simulation

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