the coming cyberwar & spacewar is in-your-face more

strange things are afoot as we look at the surge in space-related activity… but first, a few words from uncle ronnie

exposing US govt policy on extraterrestrial life &/or
could ‘truth commission’ expose 9/11 & ufo secrets?

will there be ‘wild card’ events worldwide in 2012 or beyond?
will there be 'wild card' events worldwide in 2012 or beyond?from seattle exopolitics examiner: There is converging objective predictive evidence, expert opinion, exopolitical policy analysis, and extraterrestrial contactee communications supporting a hypothesis that large scale “wild card” event(s), involving mass extraterrestrial (UFO) sightings or landings over major urban or other visible centers on the planet for peaceful purposes may occur during the period leading up to 2011-12 or beyond. In future studies, John Petersen author of ‘Out of The Blue – How to Anticipate Big Future Surprises‘ defines “wild card” events as “Low Probability, High Impact events that, were they to occur, would severely impact the human condition.”

ufo’s & obama memo on scientific integrity

phoenix mars lander found liquid water, some scientists think
phoenix mars lander found liquid water, some scientists thinkfrom During its more than five-month stint on Mars last year, NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander found evidence that liquid water existed at the spacecraft’s landing site, some Phoenix team members say. Water is key to all forms of life as we know it and the discovery of liquid water would suggest a greater opportunity for biology on the red planet. The new but controversial conclusion comes from observations of a set of ‘little globules’ attached to struts on the lander’s legs that were photographed by Phoenix’s robotic arm camera over the course of the mission…

spacecraft searches for other earths as boeing & US army collaborate on space & missile defense research

obama says cloning dangerous & wrong
from ap: President Barack Obama says human cloning is “dangerous, profoundly wrong” and has no place in society. Obama made the comments as he was signing an executive order that will allow federal spending on embryonic stem cell research. Some critics say the research can lead to human cloning. Obama said the government will develop strict guidelines for the research because misuse or abuse is unacceptable. He said he would ensure that the government never opens the door to the use of cloning for human reproduction.

conservatives call obama stem cell decision a waste of money

obama declares ip treaty a ‘national security’ secret
from threat level: President Barack Obama came into office in January promising a new era of openness. But now, like Bush before him, Obama is playing the national security card to hide details of the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement [36kb PDF] being negotiated across the globe… If ratified, leaked documents posted on WikiLeaks and other comments suggest the proposed trade accord would criminalize peer-to-peer file sharing, subject iPods to border searches and allow internet service providers to monitor their customers’ communications.

white house urged to stop cyber attacks

bbc hacks into thousands of computers
from techradar: The BBC has deliberately hacked into 22,000 PCs to prove the power of botnets, and the damage that can be done with a network of compromised computers. Click – BBC News’ technology programme – with the help of anti-virus company Prevx, took over thousands of computers in order to demonstrate a growing problem in the modern world. Botnets are networks of computers that have been compromised by cyber-criminals and can be used to launch distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on servers or, most commonly, to send out the deluge of spam that lands in the world’s inboxes daily.

russian astronauts complete space walk

iss space junk incident was not life threatening
space junk threat worried space station, space debris threatened iss,
astronauts temporarily evacuated, space station junk threat passes

from russia today: Neither the lives of the ISS crew members nor the operation of the station were endangered by a space junk incident, according to Yury Karash, Russian space policy expert.

discovery’s 3/11 launch postponed until 3/15 if valve gets fixed as obama says nasa suffering ‘a sense of drift’

fox admits to greenwashing popular tv shows*
‘sunshade’ global-cooling plan would ruin solar power*
new report lays waste to army ‘future’*
the awesomely bad ‘future combat’ miniseries*
‘future combat systems’ completes ‘integrated mission test-1’*
air force signs on to darpa’s all-seeing blimp*
army builds electronic-warfare teams*
researchers use brain scans to read memories*
the coming evangelical collapse*

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